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Waterpix Waterflosser Whitening Review


Reviewed by Debbie

I had a Waterpik waterflosser for a few years and was gutted to have accidently broken it a few months ago. I was therefore delighted to have the opportunity to review a Waterpik Waterflosser Whitening. It arrived really quickly, well boxed and in perfect condition. I quickly opened the box and investigated the contents which were – 30 whitening tablets, the waterflosser, several tips and informative instructions. The three different types of tip included are a classic jet tip, which the box informs me is for general use, a plaque seeker tip, which the box tells me is for implants, crowns, bridges, retainers and general use and finally an orthodontic tip for braces and general use. I couldn’t wait to get started and give this new gadget a try.

Please do note that I did need a plug adapter to be able to plug in the device because I have no shaver socket in my bathroom. Whilst I already had one which I used with previous devices, they are available from hardware stores very inexpensively. I read through the concise, simple and easy to follow instructions, opened the container of whitening tablets and placed one into the device by pressing the button on the flip top lid. I also inserted the plaque seeker tip. Both tasks took a few moments. What I noticed was that the main water container part of the device and the part you use to floss your teeth both have an on/off switch. I think that this is far more effective than if the device only had an on/off switch near the water compartment. There are 10 pressure settings which you can change using a handy dial. I kept the pressure settings in the lower half as I prefer a gentle cleanse. The box informed me that refilling the water tank is not needed mid use as the available capacity is 90 seconds. The Waterpik Waterflosser Whitening comes with a generous 2 year warranty.

I really enjoyed using this product. The whitening tablets taste really nice, minty but not too overpowering. I did not need to refil the water tank mid cleansing. The swivel handle made reaching all of the tooth surfaces in my mouth feel effortless.

I do not feel that I have been using this fantastic gadget long enough to comment on whiteness of my teeth, but my mouth feels fantastic and this is huge for me because I do seem to accumulate a lot of plaque despite brushing my teeth twice a day and using mouth wash. I have gone without a water flosser for some time and am so relieved to now have this one.

I would recommend this product to others. I really like thoughtful but also practical gifts myself and think that this product would make a fantastic Christmas gift for someone special in your life or even as a treat for yourself. I far prefer using this to using dental tape.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £99.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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