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Barista and Co Twist Press 2.0 Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

As Christmas is rapidly approaching I am, as usual, looking for new ideas for gifts for my partner. As he really enjoys real coffee and is quite particular about how it tastes, the Barista & Co Twist Press 2.0 Compact Coffee Maker could be the perfect Christmas gift for him. It is a compact coffee maker which is designed to be quick and easy to use, and is ideal for taking and making coffee wherever you would like.

Upon opening the box, I was immediately impressed by the feel of the Twist Press 2.0, it is light weight but feels good quality and robust and also looks very smart. There were also 100 disposable paper filters in the box (a metal filter is available to purchase separately if required) and an instruction manual. I was also sent a pack of ground coffee which was complimentary and was a nice surprise.

The Twist Press itself is made up of four parts – a silicone lid, plunger handle, helix changer and a lower handle. All of the parts of the Twist Press come apart easily so they were very easy to wash. I washed them by hand prior to trying it out, but they are also dishwasher safe. The plastic is also BPA free and food safe which is good to know.

Before trying out the Twist Press I familiarised myself with the instruction manual. I found this to be very user friendly. There was a very clear diagram of the different parts of the Twist Press which really helped when following the instruction as I knew which part was which. The instructions were both in pictures and in writing, which for me was a great idea and made it all very easy to follow. There was also a video on the Barista & Co website which I watched as well and this was very helpful and really good to be able to see the Twist Press in use. There was a QR code to scan on the instructions to take you direct to the instruction video, but for some reason this wasn’t working when I tried to access it.

The Twist Press was surprisingly easy to use, not being a coffee drinker, I usually steer clear of these gadgets, but I was impressed that I managed to brew a very tasty cup of coffee for my partner without much effort at all, I felt like a real barista! It was essentially a case of putting in the filter, adding the ground coffee, adding hot water and then, after leaving it for a certain amount of time (about 30 seconds), twisting the two handles of the Twist Press together slowly to push the coffee through the filter. From looking at the instructions and website I can see that there are lots of different quantities and ratios that can be used for the coffee making, and also a different (non-twist) method and I’m sure this is something that my partner would enjoy testing out in the future.

I really like the Twist Press and the fact that it is so small and compact, meaning it doesn’t take up much room in the kitchen cupboard. This also means that it is easily transportable, there is also a coffee storage compartment incorporated, with a silicone lid, so that you can take the coffee with you wherever you want. I think this would be really good for a coffee lover to take to work with them as they could brew a nice coffee at their desk quickly and with very little mess. The storage compartment is big enough to hold enough coffee for three servings.

The Twist Press will make a lovely Christmas gift for coffee lovers and I would highly recommend it. My partner is going to be delighted with it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

This product can be purchased from Barista & Co here.

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