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Twisty Girlz And Zoobles Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

Spinmaster make so many amazing toys, so I was delighted to be asked to review two products as a lovely treat for my children now that they have all gone back to school and nursery.

The first item is the Twisty Girlz doll; I use the term “doll” loosely as she is so much more than that. We received “Ebon E” from the series 2 range, and there are 8 of these to collect in total. The packaging isn’t too bulky but really has that eye-catching shelf appeal, and inside the pack are the doll, mystery pet, instructions and collector’s guide.
Our Twisty Girlz has a long blue ponytail made out of cotton-threads so it isn’t something that I would imagine you could brush. Her face is really sweet and my children love her shiny gold skirt and pink metallic shoes. Each doll is different so it’s a really gorgeous range to collect, and as with most toys these days there are rare and super rare packs.

As well as being able to play with Ebon E as you would any doll, her body snaps and twists to create a bracelet so that you essentially have a toy and an accessory in one. It’s really simple for children to do by themselves as the torso and skirt just pull apart easily, then you connect the top of the skirt into the head to create the bracelet. I have to admit that I found this stressful as I was waiting for the elastic to snap. It didn’t of course, but the whole thing made me nervous. My kids don’t care and just go for it, and so far it has withstood three children. I would imagine that these bracelets are stackable so you could collect and wear a few at a time.

However that isn’t all, as within the pack is a cute little cat-carrier style box containing a surprise Twisty pet which can be twisted to create a ring. We got a cute little unicorn. There is a lead for Ebon E to hold and fasten onto the pet, which can remain connected when the toys are twisted into jewellery if you wish, thus creating a cool ring and bracelet combo. It is such a novel idea and opens up so many opportunities for game play.

What I especially like is that your child could wear these toys when going on a day trip, play with them in the car or even at a restaurant then wear them home again thus removing the need for a toy bag! They have great appeal as a travel toy, and as a small fidget toy.

The recommended age range is from 4 and upwards and I would agree; it is difficult to set an upper limit on something like this. My 10 year old daughter wouldn’t wear the dolls as jewellery when out, but she may incorporate it into a game at home and would certainly play with them as dolls. For me the ideal target range would be from 4 years up until 8 or 9 depending upon your child.

It is a shame that outfits can’t be changed or accessorized somehow, but we always have things around the house to use. I would imagine that having accessories would have to bump the price up, and this is currently a really fun yet affordable toy as a back to school treat or one to give to school friends for their birthday. Thinking ahead to Christmas this is a fantastic stocking filler. In terms of quality and value for money, I actually cannot believe how much you get for the £10 price point; the doll, the pet and the dual use as jewellery.

There are so many other “Twisty” toys which you can purchase, from the original pets and babies, to kits where you can create your own twisty pets so this is a range that you can really buy into if your child loves it. My 7 year old son did ask where the Twisty Boyz are… so come on Spinmaster!

Twisty Girlz are a fabulous doll and accessory for any outfit and amazing value for money.

My second review item is the Zoobles Opposite Obsessed set containing two Zoobles and their Happitat (like a habitat, only happier!) I hadn’t actually heard of these, but the tag line “Roll, Pop and Play” is certainly an attention grabber.

Inside the very pink box are two little animal characters, with their matching Happitats’ themed backdrops and hotspots to sit on, as well as the collectors guide. The are described as BFF’s (Best Friends Forever) but total opposites, for example our two little guys are ice and fire. The firey puppy-character is a very “pink” sort of fire design and our icy polar-bear is very much channelling XXXXX (editor’s note – brand name removed. This is the reviewer’s opinion) in his design (again to appeal to little girls), but they are very sweet. There is great detail in their design and their eyes are really animated. You can bounce them up and down to watch their eyes open and close, and depending upon which model you have their ears or paws may move also.

Each of the Zoobles starts off as a ball, and transforms into an animal when placed onto the metal/magnetic “hotspot” on it’s Happitat. My children love this kind of surprise and it creates so many game play opportunities. The first time it sprung to life my youngest son squealed “he’s awake”! You simply push the animal back down into its’ ball form which is very easy for young children to do. My youngest tested this transformation out repeatedly numerous times and the toy didn’t appear to weaken at all, but you do have to make sure its pushed down fully in order for it to pop open, and for it to roll properly without it springing open mid-roll.

I love the opposites idea, particular as the opposites are best friends (there’s a message on friendship and acceptance there for me!) The characters are really cute in their ball shape with their eyes closed, and the Happitats’ (don’t you just love that word?) are sweet and pretty designs which can be incorporated into your play as they need to go home to recharge their energy (according to my 6 year old) or transform (if you prefer the manufacturer’s terminology).

This is a great toy for a younger child, and you can add more to your collection with the little girl characters, Magic Mansion and Dance studio as well as the other 4 pairs of characters to collect in this range, to name a few.

For me, I do wish this was less focused on the pink end of the market as it is a toy that anyone can play with; it is a lovely concept as kids love to roll things.

My 3 year old son loves to roll balls and therefore the characters along and pretends that they are travelling around, before transforming them and playing with them in their animal form. So you have two modes of play. They have had had heavy duty testing believe me with the constant rolling into furniture and skirting boards (what chipped paint?!), and so far there is no sign of damage to the toys at least so these are good quality and sturdy.

The manufacturers recommended age for this toy is 5-12 years, but personally I would go a little lower as my 3 year old did get a lot out of playing with them, but he has older siblings and loves imaginative play with characters. I also think that 12 is a little ambitious. I would say ages 3 up until 7 would be the ideal range to get the most out of this toy,(Editor’s note – this is the reviewer’s opinion)  possibly 8, but older children may need the building play sets to really move their play to the next level. Unlike my three year old who is delighted to just roll them around and repeatedly “wake them up”. 

You cannot argue with a £6.99 price point for this, again another fantastic gift as a “well done at completing your first half term at nursery or school”, or a present for a school friend. A really lovely well executed concept.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Twisty Girlz £10.00
Zoobles Opposite Obsessed £6.99

Twisty Girlz can be purchased from Argos here.
Zoobles Opposite Obsessed can be purchased from The Entertainer ( here

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