TugTrio Buggy Straps Review

TugTrio Buggy Straps

These buggy straps from TugTrio are a great idea. They are supplied in a packet of 3 in different colours:

Black – BuggyTug: this one connects your wrist to your buggy

Blue – TeddyTug: this one connects your child’s favourite toy or teddy to the buggy so they don’t lose it

Red – ToddleTug: provides a handle connected to your buggy for your walking toddler to hold on to

They are very soft and comfortable to wear and there is no rubbing or chaffing. The straps are very easy to fit, just put over the buggy handle and loop through the metal ring and you’re ready to go.

The buggy straps are a great idea with a great price to match at only RRP £9.99 for a pack of 3.

Rating: 4/5

Buy from TugTrio here.

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