Hamster Buggy Bags Review

Hamster Buggy Bags

If you have ever had your buggy tip over from the weight of bags hanging off the back then all your problems are now solved with these Hamster Buggy Bags.

I received my pack of Hamster Buggy Bags and could not wait to try them out. In the pack there are 2 bags. On opening the pack and looking at the bags my first thought was that they weren’t very big but then realised that the bag actually unfolds to make the much larger pannier style bag which are in fact very spacious. They are very deceptive. They also had a shoulder strap so that you can detach the bag from the buggy and carry if needed. Once empty and not needed on the buggy they fold up again into a much smaller bag with its own little handle, a great idea.

I easily attached them to each side of my buggy in seconds which not only gave me that much needed storage space but also added stability to my buggy reducing the risk on the buggy tipping backwards. The buggy can still be folded with the empty bags still attached, or if the bags are full you can still fold but the bottom clips have to be released making sure you check the bags in an upright position.

I soon found out they can hold a great deal of shopping (maximum 5kg per bag) and with all the weight at the sides the buggy was much safer and I also found it easier to move the buggy.

I received mine in black to match my buggy but there are other colour options available.

These are a great idea and not only great storage space but an excellent safety feature. Easy to attach/detach, lots of space and because of the weight distribution much safer than adding all that shopping weight to the back of the buggy. They cost £29.99 for a packet of 2 so are excellent value for money. Every buggy should have them.

They fit most buggies but they have a buggy check on their website,, with a list of buggies supported.

Rating: 5/5

Buy from Hamster Bags here.

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