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Tower T12033RG Stand Mixer With 5 Litre Bowl From Review


Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

Being a hobby baker, I have tried various mixers for all my baking and I was really looking forward to trying out this product. The packaging was really safe and secure and I was wowed by its beautiful and smart finish in black and rose gold. It features a super-powerful 1000 Watt output and comes with 3 accessories, giving you everything you need to whisk, beat and knead dough from scratch. This model has variable speed settings too, so whether you’re making bread or whipping egg whites for a delicate meringue, how much force is used is down to you. The handy pulse function will also help you reach the ideal consistency, as it lets you mix in mini intervals for even greater control. And because the planetary mixing action ensures every last ingredient is added to your mixture, your chocolate chip cookies will be just as indulgent as you’d hoped.

My daughter and I tried our famous Coffee and Walnut cake (having originally started with a Nigella recipe and made alterations of our own over the years) and a small vanilla sponge (only because one of my sons don’t like the coffee flavour but loves cake) and we were suitably impressed with the powerful mixing action. The unit comes with suctions at the base which I have never seen before on a mixer and when we started mixing, we soon found out why! The unit is predominantly made from plastic so very cost effective and lightweight but the motor inside is clearly a powerful unit so these little add-ons made the mixer stay in one place on my kitchen counter. That really impressed me.

I was however slightly disappointed that it failed to mix right to the bottom of the bowl with the mixing tool, I had to stop it a few times to scrape ingredients down the sides and a bit at the bottom of the bowl that wasn’t quite mixing into the rest of the batter. The different tools are very easily attached and removed from the unit head.

We also had a go with the whisking tool to make some freshly whipped cream and the dough hook for some bread and found no issues with either these tools. They mixed the various batters really well and very easily. The unit also includes a splatter guard, another great feature which you can attach to prevent any nasty splashes on you or your counter tops.

But that was the only fault I found. The product is ideal if you are an occasional baker and very cost effective so a lovely way to either start a great hobby or to replace a precious mixer. It’s easy to use and clean and I would definitely recommend it to any that enjoys baking. It also comes with a really handy guide which gives you great advice on how long to mix different batters (for those who are less confident) as well as safety instructions. It offers a variety of mixing speeds which are very useful.

Key Features
1000 Watt power output
3 accessories included
6 Variable speeds give you complete control over your mix
Pulse function helps reach the ideal consistency
Effective mixing action thoroughly combines ingredients

Product Specification
Key Information
Body Material Metal
Bowl Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 5 Litres
Number of Accessories 3
Number of Settings 6
Power 1000 Watt
Pulse Function Yes
Variable Speeds Yes

Product Detail
Brand Tower
Category Food Mixers
Colour Black_Rose_Gold
Country Of Origin China
Dimensions (H)30.8 x (W)15.7 x (D)31.2
Mixer Type Stand Mixer

Manufacturer Warranty 3 years

Manufacturer Warranty Registration Required: Within 28 days of purchase

What’s In The Box:
Dough Tool

* 28% of Brits said they first started baking when they were between the ages of 0-9 years old.
* Online electricals retailer, AO, has partnered with Junior Bake Off winner, Finley Woodward, to share his top tips on how to get the whole family baking.

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The data revealed that 28% of Brits said that they first started baking when they were between the ages of 0-9 years old, while a further 18% said they began the hobby between the ages of 10-14 years old.
Additionally, more than one in four (29%) said they had baked more during lockdown than they normally would have done. In fact, it seems that baking has also become a family activity, with a further 38% saying that they tend to bake together with their family.
To encourage younger people to bake with their families, AO has partnered with Finley Woodward to share his top five baking tips that will ensure you not only create the perfect bake, but that you have fun whilst doing so.
Finley Woodward, 14, said: “I used to bake with my grandma when I was about 5 years old, and got really into it when I was about 12. Although I mostly taught myself to bake, I really enjoyed trying out new recipes with my aunties. We would spend our time together trying different recipes and sharing them as a family.”
Tori Miller,’s in-house baking expert, said: “It’s great to see how much people have invested in and enjoyed baking since the beginning of the year and in particular, that the younger generation are still taking the time to learn such an important, yet fun skill like baking.”
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Finley’s top five baking tips:
1. Always wash your hands before you start baking
Washing your hands before you bake will help prevent the spread of germs and making sure you wash your hands often will keep any cross contamination out of your bake. This is always an important starting point, but at the moment you should be extra careful and allow for additional time for a good scrub before you prepare your cake mix.
2. Don’t overdo it with your whisk
Once you have added flour to a cake mix, make sure you don’t whisk it for a long time as this will make the cake tough and chewy, rather than giving you the light, fluffy texture professionals dream of!
3. Keep your temperatures level
If you want your cake batter to stick together and not to split, let all of your ingredients go to room temperature before you mix them all together. It can be tempting to pour melted butter into your batter straight from the pan, but waiting a couple of minutes extra will make all the difference to getting a smooth mix.
4. Set your cake tins up for success
Always ensure you line the base of your tins with butter and a circle of parchment paper so that the cake doesn’t stick to the tin. Even with non-stick tins, cake batter has a habit of sticking to the base and taking extra care to line your tin means it’ll be much easier to safely remove it when it’s ready.
5. Have fun and always remember to taste test
The best part of baking is that it’s fun, so don’t forget to enjoy it and use it as time to relax – and, of course, always reward yourself by licking the mixing spoon and giving yourself the first taste test when it’s ready!


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