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SleepHub Review


Reviewed by Jo Hardy

Never underestimate the value of a good nights sleep.  I have recently had a little accident that has affected my mobility and although I am making a good recovery the one area I am struggling with is getting back into a good sleep pattern so I was very pleased when I was given the chance to test the SleepHub.  The SleepHub is made by Cambridge Sleep Sciences and the kit consists of two speakers, the sleep hub which is a screen similar size to a mini iPad, a mains power adapter and two RCA cables.  They all come with full instructions and are well packaged in a sturdy box.

When I unpacked the items I was aware immediately of what good quality they were.  The speakers are very weighty so will sit solidly in position.  The cables and connects are a very high quality also.  It was very easy to set up, just a case of plugging in the speakers and the power adapter and connecting to the mains supply. It also needs to be connected to the wifi network.  This is so the SleepHub can be updated when needed. The speakers need to be positioned at either side of the user.  I put mine on each of the bedside tables.  One good point is the speaker cables are two different lengths. the shorter one for the speaker closest to the hub and the longer one was more than long enough to reach the other side of the bed. 

With the set up completed you are now ready to customise your SleepHub.  It is all operated by touch screen.  Tap the screen and it will light up.  It shows the time and has a volume control and icons to set the alarm, sleeping mode and sound scale.  There are four different sleeping modes to choose from:

  • Deep Sleep which is an eight hour program
  • Easy Sleep which you can set for the amount of time you have for sleeping
  • Fall Asleep which is a two hour program to get you into a deep sleep
  • Power Nap with a choice of 30,45 and 60 minute programmes if you just need a nap.

Then you select your soundscape from a selection of soothing sounds like wind , stream, white noise and can also choose the sound of your alarm.  Alarm seems the wrong word as all the choices are very gentle sounds. 
When all the settings are done and your ready to go to sleep you swipe the screen.  Your chosen soundscape will start, you can adjust the volume if needed and after a minute or so the light on the screen will go off.

My main sleeping issues are I take a long time to get to sleep and wake two or three times during the night and take a long time to get back to sleep so for the first night using the SleepHub I chose Deep Sleep mode and the ocean soundscape as I love being by the sea.  It did still take me a while to get to sleep but I only woke up once and it did take me a while to get back to sleep again although not the perfect nights sleep I think the sleep quality must of been better because I did feel much more refreshed when I got up.  Oh and the alarm was almost magical it was the most gentle yet effective way to wake up, soothing sounds getting slightly louder and the soft light on the screen coming on.  It was like day break in a Disney film.

On the second night of using the SleepHub I fell asleep much faster.  I still woke up in the night but was able to go back to sleep right away.  After my eight hours I was woken by the lovely alarm.   I had enjoyed my sleep so much. I pressed the snooze button and had another ten minutes, again I’ve woken up feel refreshed and so well rested.

Having these good quality nightly sleeps had made such a difference to my mood during the day, I feel brighter and more motivated.  Of course I had to try the Power Nap mode.  I’ve become a fan of an afternoon nap recently but often find that it takes me a while to fully wake up from them and they leave me feeling groggy for a while, not when using the SleepHub.   I woke from my one hour power nap feeling revitalised this was a true power nap.

You can read more about the science behind SleepHub on their website  This is where you can buy the product.  Priced at £599.00, this is quite a considerable purchase but the benefits of a good nights sleep are huge. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £599

This product can be purchased from Sleep Hub here.

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