Alteya Organics Lip Balm (619) Review


Reviewed by Jane Warwick

I received 6 different flavoured lip balms through the post.
The lip balms each come in a beautifully coloured rectangular cardboard container with the type of lip balm printed on the coloured card sticking up from the box. The colours of the boxes help you to recognise which lip balm you have; lush pink for rose lip balm; purple for lavender lip balm; beige for vanilla and geranium lip balm; green for Grapefruit and Zdravetz lip balm; blue green for lavender and mint; and finally, orange for Jasmine and Ylang-Ylang lip balm.

On the back of the coloured card is the company’s mission and the benefits of the lip balm. The benefits state that the lip balm smooths lips and restores texture; provided deep nourishment, lips appear fuller and more defined and promote younger looking lips. I am not sure what they mean by younger looking lips but when you get to my age the word younger appeals in a big way. I was delighted to see on their mission statement, they are free from Animal cruelty which I hope means they are not tested on animals and they are also chemical and GMO free. I understand GMO (genetically modified organisms), but I am not quite sure about the chemical as under ingredients, there is a long long list of “chemicals”

These lip balms are all certified organic. I looked up the company “Alteya Organics” and it has an interesting history. It is a family-owned company that specialises in beauty and skin care products that are certified organically grown. Their certification comes from the Agricultural Department of America (USDA). They produce their own rose and lavender fields and have their own distillery to produce their own essential oils and own a manufacturing plant in Bulgaria. They also grow chamomile, calendula and use old recipes handed down through generations to produce the oils and flower waters. We all like the sound family own companies as they sound friendly so this should appeal to most people.

Inside the cardboard is a lip balm contained within a plastic cylinder with lid. The colour on the cylinder is the same as on the cardboard box so it is impossible to mix them up! Each lip balm is 5g and the container is so light that it is easy to slip one into one’s pocket without feeling disadvantaged by it.

I decided to test one out, particularly as my lips felt dry. I choose the rose lip balm and found the scent and taste of it pleasant. The lip balm spreads easily onto the lips and having put it on in the morning, the application lasted easily until the evening. After a few days my lips felt much softer and plumpier or fuller as they said on the package. The ingredient with the grapefruit lip balm – Zdravetz intrigued me so I had to look it up. This essential oil comes from Geranium macrorrhizum (True Geranium), and the word Zdravetz means “health” in Bulgarian. It is a small perennial plant and has been used for centuries as a medicinal herb and has a reputation of a strong aphrodisiac in the Balkan Region and is said to uplifts the spirits and stimulate the body. That lip balm is definitely staying next to my bedside. The best before date can be found on the base of the cardboard cylinder together with the barcode. Luckily, I only saw this after using it.

An ideal valentine’s gift where you can give all six without breaking the bank.

I for one have now distributed the lip balms into coat pockets; hand bags; in my car and work bag so I certainly will benefit from them for quite a while.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £3.65 – £4.51

This product can be purchased from Alteya Organic here.
It can also be purchased from here.

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