‘Tis the season to be indulgent…and healthy too! Hot & Healthier from Tossed is here

Something’s stewing at Tossed, the healthier eating place, where you can find a delicious range of hot dishes, just right for the chilly days setting in. Handmade using only natural free range ingredients, full of veggies to help you with your five-a-day, these new wholesome stews are totally versatile. You choose any base and any topping, knowing that whichever the combination, each meal is less than 500 calories and less than £5.00.

All bases are low GI carbs, including Mixed Wild Rice, Wholewheat Noodles and Cous-Cous, whilst the mouth-watering stews include all the favourites, cooked without added salt and with fats kept to the bare minimum, are maxed up with proteins and superfoods. The Tossed version of Chicken Tikka Masala is hot stuff, and so is the Thai Green Chicken (wheat, dairy and gluten free in case you were wondering). There is also a mean Chilli Con Carne, a Bolognese, Sweet & Sour Chicken, a Butternut Lentil Hotpot and a super tasty Tuscan Vegetable Stew. As always, the full nutritional value of each food is displayed. At £4.95 and with less than 500 calories, you can eat healthily and keep warm even when you ‘grab and go’.

Not only is the food special, but so is the Tossed packaging. The pots may look like the average container but they are made from sugar cane, which is a sustainable and renewable resource, and being 100 percent biodegradable, the natural fibres break down in a matter of weeks. 

Ring the changes with filling soups also from the new Hot & Healthier menu, from large, Skinny Minestrone at £3.05 for and a ludicrously low 68 calories, a Leek and Potato at 154 calories. There is also classic Tomato and Basil and the new Sweet Potato, Coconut & Coriander. Soups also come as ‘mini’, a great addition to the stews when you are extra hungry or it’s extra cold.

Look out for the flame stickers in the window, to know that the Hot and Healthier range has arrived.

Find Tossed in the West End and the City, at Westfield London and at Westfield Stratford City.  Twitter

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