Top 5 Benefits of Using Twinwall Ducting

Twinwall ducting is an invaluable product to have on hand when a need for high strength ducting arises. This can be, say, when the ducting is used at a greater depth than it usually would, perhaps under a road, path or driveway – because it then needs to be much stronger than the usual ducting.

Perhaps the secret of twinwall ducting’s strength is that it’s made from HDPE [High Density Polyethylene], and is therefore actually stronger and lighter than PVC is?

There are plenty of ways in which twinwall ducting can offer useful advantages to a range of service workers in the fields of gas, water, electricity, traffic signal, cable TV, telecommunication, railtrack and more, so here we look in a little more detail at the top five of those benefits so you can decide if they are of use to you.

Benefit #1 – Twinwall ducting is strong

Twinwall ducting provides compression strength, which means it can deal with very high-pressure levels without breaking or becoming less effective. In part it is the corrugations which are on the outside of the twinwall ducting which adds this extra level of strength.

Benefit #2 – Twinwall ducting can be used for a wide range of utilities

Based on NJUG recommendations twinwall ducting comes in a range of colours, each of which serves its own specific purpose. Typically these are black for electrics, yellow for gas services, purple is used for motorway communications, blue for water services, green which covers cable, CCTV and other telecom related services and orange which is used for street lighting.

Benefit #3 – Twinwall ducting is light but strong

It is designed to be both lightweight and flexible without compromising on either strength or life length. In part it is the ridged outside casing (made from polyethylene) which adds to the overall strength of twinwall ducting, and as the inside section is smooth there is no risk of cables catching and snagging and being left damaged as a result.

Benefit #4 – Twinwall ducting is made to last

The strength of the ducting, along with the way it can deal with intense pressure and very low temperatures without any noticeable effect, makes twinwall ducting such an attractive material for projects which are built to last.

Benefit #5 – Twinwall ducting is extremely flexible

Twinwall ducting is available in a range of lengths and diameters, and both joints and bends can be added if extremely long runs are what you need. In many cases the twinwall ducting is flexible enough to cope, although as with all ducting it is best to plan for as few sudden and sharp twists and turns as possible.

Interestingly, there are various non-standard ways which people use twinwall ducting for, and these include using it to create a run for pets like rabbits to play and hide in, or by businesses as storage places to keep suitably shaped smaller items in.

Final Words

Now that you know some of Tinwall ductings most useful benefits, you’re going to want to start using it yourself and get a high quality product when you do so. For this you are best using EasyMerchant’s tinwall ducting.

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