This is Silk Pure Silk Eye Mask Review


Reviewed by Melody Floyde

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I’m starting to wonder what my sons may have got in store for me and if they have put any thought into finding the perfect gift for me (unlikely but every year I live in hope!).

When I was asked to review the Pure Silk Face Mask from This is Silk as a potential Mother’s Day gift I jumped at the chance. For as long as I can remember I have worn an eye mask to sleep in, and actually I find that I can’t sleep without it now. My current eye mask is now very old and bedraggled and it’s definitely time to start looking for a replacement.

When the package from This is Silk arrived, I was immediately impressed by the care that had been taken in packing the Eye Mask. It was wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a ribbon so immediately looked like a lovely gift. Upon unwrapping the package I wasn’t disappointed. The Eye Mask was in a lovely quality white box, decorated with stars and with a magnetic fastening. I loved the strapline inside the box that said “this is for sublime relaxation” as it sounded so enticing and I couldn’t wait to try it out. There was also a lovely note on a thank you card.

My first impressions of the mask were very positive. I was sent an emerald green mask which is a lovely colour, and there are seven different colours to choose from on the This is Silk website, including an animal print one. The mask is beautifully soft and smooth and has a nice thick elasticated strap which was very comfortable to wear, slightly tight to start with but I imagine this will get looser the more I wear it. I was also very impressed with the size of the mask as it is very generous, it covers my eyes really well and doesn’t let any light in around the edges which is amazing. I found it very comfortable to wear in bed and did sleep well with it on.

Having looked at the This is Silk website to find out a bit more about the eye mask I could see that it is handmade from pure 22 momme mulberry silk (momme is a measurement of the silk’s weight and density) which is very high quality. There is silk on both sides of the eye mask which is filled with soft mulberry silk floss which makes the eye mask very comfortable to wear. I was also interested to read that silk is known for its anti-ageing properties and contains 18 amino acids which will nourish the skin while I sleep which sounds great – I definitely need any help I can get in that department! The silk is also non-absorbent so if I wanted to wear any overnight eye creams they would stay in place and do what they’re supposed to rather than being absorbed by my pillow or usual eye mask.

The eye mask can also be washed by hand in cold or warm water which is really good to know.

Overall, I really love the eye mask, it feels so luxurious to wear and looks great plus it helps me to sleep well and blocks out all the light. This would make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day or for any occasion really and it was certainly a real treat to be asked to review this – thank you!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £28.99

This product can be purchased from This is Silk here.

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