The Heaton Park Beefeater Grill Review

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

Recently I was asked to visit and review the menu at the popular eatery The Heaton Park which is a Beefeater Grill.

I jumped at the chance as I had never dined in a Beefeater before so was curious.

We chose a snowy Saturday to attend and were booked in for 1.30pm, upon arrival my husband and I were shocked at how big the place was. It looked fresh and modern on the outside and had a spacious car park to the rear.

As soon as we went in we popped to the toilet which was clean and smelt fresh and then waited in line for a table, we were seated extremely quickly by the manager Gill in a lovely window seat which gave us scenic views of neighbouring Heaton Park.

Gill greeted us warmly and made us feel at ease immediately by giving our daughter Kate some pencils and paper to colour with.

Gill then took our drinks orders 2 cokes and a Carling and told us that our server was a lady called Billie and she would be along shortly.

Whilst we waited for our drinks we all had a look around and we thought the place was clean, trendy and extremely spacious.

In no time at all our drinks were on the table and a lovely lady called Billie came to the table to take our orders.

During this time Kate, age 6, was being a handful and being a little rude by turning her back to everyone. Billie didn’t seem to mind and she really made an effort to talk to Kate.

After a while Kate settled and asked for a burger and chips AND fish fingers. I tried explaining to Kate that she couldn’t have both it was one or the other but Kate decided that would be the time to cry and scream.

Billie said it wouldn’t be a problem and ordered what Kate had asked for.

As I explained to both Gill and Billie, Kate has Autism and it makes going anywhere very difficult but today was great even though Kate was not in a great mood when we arrived.

I ordered the Giant Chicken Skewer and Spicy Chips and my husband ordered Chicken Breast & Maple Pork Ribs with Spicy Chips.

The food arrived quickly and was hot and tasty looking, we couldn’t wait to try it.

My chicken Skewer was huge and consisted of 4 good sized pieces of chicken and came with a pot of chips, grilled tomato, flat mushroom, lettuce wedge with blue cheese sauce and crumbled stilton.

It was presented beautifully.

My husband’s meal looked equally delicious with onion rings, salad, spicy chips and a bourbon sauce it smelt divine and he enjoyed it very much especially the ribs.

My husband said the meat fell off the ribs and was one of the tastiest meals he has ever had. He was very impressed as was I.

For dessert my husband and I both opted for the Strawberry Trifle Sundae after Billie recommended it and Kate chose Strawberry Jelly and Vanilla Ice Cream with Magic Chocolate Stars.

Again the food arrived quickly and we were all gobsmaked by the size of each of the sundaes, they were massive and very delicious looking.

Kate’s dessert was presented to a high standard and she enjoyed every mouthful.

Our Sundaes went down with ease the strawberries in the jelly were a welcome treat for our tastebuds.

After our meals we thanked Gill and Billie for such a wonderful time and made our way back home full and happy. Kate was ecstatic when Billie gave her a helium balloon and kept letting it go so we had to stretch up and retrieve it.

I cannot recommend The Heaton Park enough and its staff are simply FANTASTIC!

You all made our meal so much more enjoyable and it was very much appreciated.

Rating: 5/5

For more information, menus or to book a table click here.

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