The Feathered Man by Jeremy De Quidt Review


Reviewed by Sophie Rix

“In a German town, long ago, lives a tooth-puller’s boy called Klaus. It isn’t Klaus’ fault that he sees his master steal a diamond from the mouth of a dead man in Frau Drecht’s lodging house, or that Frau Drecht and her murderous son want it for themselves. He has nothing to do with the Jesuit priest and his Aztec companion who turn up out of the blue looking for it, or the Professor of Anatomy who takes such a strange interest in it. No, Klaus doesn’t want any trouble. But when he finds himself with the diamond in his pocket, things really can’t get much worse – that is, until the feathered man appears. Then they become a matter of life …and death”

My review:
The book itself is a nice sized book, with a smooth illustrated cover and contains a good sized text making it easy to read. The title, combined with the illustrations, give very little away… “who or what is ‘the feathered man’?” is what first sprung to mind and immediately leaves you intrigued and wanting to know more. The colouring and presentation is quite dark and shady, which made me think this is how the book would be… and it was.

I found the initial synopsis had me ‘hooked’ from the start, and when I began reading I was immediately drawn in to it, however, it also quickly became quite complicated, due to the large amount of characters involved and their dark, involved backgrounds.

I found the book quite a heavy read, it is quite complex and there is a lot going on so requires a lot of concentration to grasp each character fully. It is a very mysterious story and I would estimate the time setting being hundreds of years ago in the dark ages as it gave a feeling of a way of life built upon ancient curses, witchcraft and the underworld. It is very creepy at times and repeatedly leaves you in suspense to keep you reading on through each chapter. The whole story is based upon mixing the present world with the afterlife and is definitely suited to persons who enjoy a good, hearty, gothic, horror/thriller.

Overall I enjoyed the book, it isn’t something I would normally read and at times I did find myself a little lost in the story either because I was so gripped with it or at other times because of the character mix confusing me. It ended well and generally wasn’t what I expected which was great – I am more than bored of the predictable endings of “happily ever after” with the light hearted romance books I normally read.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the gothic side of history, witchcraft and the dark underworld mysteries but also to anyone who would just like to read something different from their usual genre.

All in all a 4 out of 5… only lost a point due to me finding the characters confusing. A good read!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £6.99 (Paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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