The Body Shop Brush On Sunlight Review

Brush On Sunlight
The Body Shop

Reviewed by Catherine Fletcher

I have just used The Body Shop’s Brush On Sunshine. I usually use liquid/cream foundations or tinted moisturiser and haven’t used powder/beads for quite a few years so was I quite intrigued about how this would be on my skin. The beads are a mix of pink/light purple and silvery/peachy colours, I put this on using my blusher brush, I was a bit worried about dropping it or knocking it and beads flying everywhere so I was quite cautious to start but the size of the tub and the amount of beads were just right so none of the balls flew out when I put the brush in and none of them stuck to the brush either.

I put this all over my face and, it gave me a really nice natural looking subtle healthy glow, it was quick and easy to apply too. It felt really light and smooth on my skin too. It’s a really nice product and it has a subtle shimmery glitter/sparkle through it, it’s not really obvious but it’s not something that I would personally use at my age but it would definitely recommend it to for younger skin as it’s quick and easy to apply and gives a nice natural glow.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from The Body Shop instore or online here.

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