2×2 Rubiks Cube Review

2×2 Rubik's Cube

Reviewed by Joanne Watson

The Rubik’s Cube was a staple toy growing up in the 80s. We all had one, and I have to admit, I NEVER managed to solve it! So when I saw the new 2×2 version, my first thought was – finally! A Rubik’s Cube that I might be able to solve!

It comes in minimal packaging, but is instantly recognisable by the brightly coloured squares as a Rubik’s product.

On opening it, I was pleased to see that Rubik’s have done away with the squares on stickers, and replaced them with tiles! So no ability to cheat by peeling off the stickers and moving them round… not that I ever did that!

The cube moves with a much smoother movement that I remember and it feels sturdy. I managed to while away a good few hours in front of the TV twisting and turning it, before it was ‘borrowed’ by my son who assured me that he could do it. A little while later, my other half took over, but I have to admit, we haven’t managed to solve it yet!

All in all a good product that the whole family can enjoy. It is a lot more challenging than it looks, but I’m sure it is achievable. A great object for fine motor skills and for keeping the brain active!

Rating: 5/5

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