The Body Collector by Frank Hinks Review

Reviewed by David Savage

Charlie Stench is The Body Collector. He roams the forest collecting people and turns the heads into evil floating skulls that he sells on the market.

Griselda the Witch has bought one of these skulls called Boris but something went wrong and he was not evil and could not do evil things, he will do tricks and scare people but will not fry them as Griselda wants.

Griselda has had enough of Boris and replaces him with 5 very evil mini skulls that eventually capture her and her guards, the 3 dim and daft dwarves. Boris comes to the rescue on the condition that Griselda helps him get his body back. Griselda is very cunning and keeps her fingers crossed as she promises to help as she has other plans for Boris.

Alexander, Benjamin and Julius live in the village and have been taught how to defeat ghosts and monsters with the help from their pet rabbit, Scrooey-Looey, and their cat, Snuggle. When Benjamin runs away and gets stuck in the Body Collector’s house, Alexander, Julius and Snuggle must rescue him with a magical plant sent from the Gardener.

Overall, this is a delightful children’s book regardless of the title. It is full of adventurous children, witches, monsters and magic and a floating skull that just wants his body back. The Body Collector is a very well written, fun story that is entertaining with beautifully coloured illustrations and with short chapters is an excellent read for young children.

This is book number 15 in the Ramion series by Frank Hinks.

A great read for Halloween bedtimes and adults will love it too.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99 (hardcover)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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