The Greedy Sheep Game Review


Reviewd by Deborah Goodliffe

I was asked to review The Greedy Sheep game… when he bleats, he wants to eat!

The packaging is very bright and colourful and gives a good idea of what the game entails, ‘he keeps eating until his fleece flies off, watch out!’.  We did feel that the box could have been smaller as there is a lot of room in the box once the unnecessary packaging is removed.

We played with the maximum 4 players, age 4 years upwards.

The game itself took a couple of goes to get the rules entirely sorted and then it follows quite a gentle pattern that children and adults alike can easily follow. The carrots that the sheep eats are small and quite fiddly to place on the feeding platform and we felt this is the only reason that younger players would be disadvantaged. The game is fun and the quality of the product is excellent and you feel confident that it is both well-made and will last a long time. I do wish that the battery cover was easier to remove as you have to have one of those tiny screwdrivers to remove and replace it which held me up from being able to play the game (locating a tiny screwdriver isn’t always easy!)


We felt that this would make a good game to keep in the caravan as it is fun but not a game that you would want to play all the time as it is quite simple and repetitive.

The principle of the game is the same as Buckaroo which is what all the players acknowledged as soon as we started to play.

All in all a simple, fun idea and the greedy sheep is a cute character whose sound effects are realistic. My two year old found it fun to press his head down to make him ‘bleat’ and made a good game of that!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £22.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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