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FoameeZ Review


Reviewed by Nia Lock

FoameeZ is an exciting bubble making toy from Brainstorm. FoameeZ is unlike any other bubble toy I’ve tried. When our Foameez elephant (Hippo and Rhino characters also available) arrived in the post we couldn’t wait to try it out, luckily the packaging was easy to open and the instructions, which were printed on the reverse of the cardboard packaging were straightforward. Judging from the pictures it looked like it might be a toy most suited to outdoor play and it was a chilly day so we got all cosy and out we went.


It only took a minute to prepare the Foameez for action, screwing the bubble bottle on, attaching the tube and inverting the toy to wet the elephant’s cloth tongue. To work the toy, you simply blow into the straw on the back of the head and a bubble chain quickly emerges from the mouth. I was expecting the pictures from the packaging to be an exaggeration of the toys capabilities but they weren’t! As the first half metre bubble snake emerged from the elephant’s mouth and floated away on the breeze my three year olds little face was an absolute picture. By the time the next bubbly snake, this time considerably more than half a metre emerged she was hopping about with excitement at catching it and squashing it. Since that day we’ve had bubble snakes out of a window, in the bath, the shower and due to a moment of unsupervised fun – on the carpet!


This is a brilliant toy, I’m so glad I found it and I shall be buying more as gifts.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £4.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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