Taf Toys Tummy Time Book Review


Reviewed by Cath Joyce

Babies are eager to learn and they do this through play so it is important to give a child a variety of toys that not only stimulate them but help to develop the child in a number of different ways too. Taf Toys are an award winning company that specialise in designing developmental infant toys that help create a smoother parenting experience with a stylish touch. They were founded in 1991 and their toys are now available to buy in over 35 countries. Taf Toys has established and continually reinforced a reputation for innovation, quality and originality and they have created five “Easier” categories for their toys where you find products that are designed to make the daily parenting experience even more enjoyable. The five categories are Easier Development, Easier Sleep, Easier Drive, Easier Outdoors and Easier Meals, I received the Easier Development Tummy Time Book to review.

The Easier Development Tummy Time book is suitable from birth, it is a fabric book with crinkle filling which appeals to babies. The book is free standing to encourage tummy time and one side of the book is high contrast colours (mainly black and white). Research has shown that babies prefer black and white shapes to brightly coloured ones and there are 4 pages of high contrast colours as well as a baby safe mirror. The high contrast colours aim to develop a baby’s senses and emotional side and the pages have pictures of leaves, a koala bear, toadstools and a snail. My friend’s 10 week old daughter was fascinated by the pictures and I was really surprised at how long she lay looking at them. I though it was great how the book was free standing, I used to prop books up for my sons when they were having tummy time and this was much more effective.

On the other side of the high contract pictures are five pages of colourful illustrations with multi sensory activities, this side is aimed at encouraging a baby’s development from 3 months. The front page is bright yellow with a koala bear on it, there is a pouch on the front of the koala which holds a baby koala teether and it is attached with a fabric strap. The next page is a peek a boo tree, the baby can lift the left hand side of the tree to reveal a picture of a koala sitting in the tree. There is a page with a koala sitting in a boat and a page with three kites on, the middle one lifts to reveal butterflies. The final page has the koala again but this time he has fluffy ears. The addition of flaps, different fabrics and the teether helps to develop a baby’s fine motor skills. Even though my friend’s baby is only 10 weeks she liked grasping the book and making the crinkling sound.

When choosing toys for babies it is very important that they are safe, we are very lucky that the UK has rigorous safety procedures that companies must comply with. The Tummy Time book is very well made, there were no loose threads and the ribbons and tags were all very securely stitched. I would feel very confident giving this to a baby.

The only issue I have with the book is the price, it is currently selling on Amazon for £21.60 which I do think is a little expensive which is why I have knocked a point off the score.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £21.60

This product can be purchased from Amazon here

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