Swanky Portraits Personalised Space Book Review


Reviewed by Carrieanne McHale

I saw the Swanky Portraits personalised book and immediately my nephew came to mind! He loves reading, birthdays and Christmas his mum always recommends books. So as soon as I saw this book I had to try, knowing he would really enjoy it.

So, to start it’s personalised! What child wouldn’t want to read a book when it’s them in the story. You have the option to send them 2 photos for the characters in the story, requirements are a forward-facing photo with no headwear. You also provide the first name of up to 2 names, a picture you can put on the back of the book and even a personalised message to go with this photo. I just knew, the fact his name would be mentioned, a picture of him would be in the book and a sweet little message on the back would make him super happy.

I sent all the information off, 8 days later it arrives through the letter box. I opened it straight away. My first thought… They made his picture into a cartoon! It was so cute! Once I composed myself, I had a better look, my nephews name was in huge letters on the front cover and judging by the picture it was going to be about space. Even better since he loved learning about the planets in school. All throughout the book, his picture was on every page and the section on the back had the photo and personalised message I sent, the photo retained its high quality too. 

The book itself was very good quality, it’s hard back and the pages are nice and thick too, this will make it easier for small children to turn the pages. The letter sizing throughout is also large so perfect for small children learning to read, it’s a short story so also good for the bedtime routine, although I know this will not go down well with my nephew, he’s already realised he can stay awake longer at bedtime if the books longer! The illustrations are great they tell the story on each page so even without the words the child can see what is happening. The front cover confirmed my suspicions the story is about a trip out to the moon in a space shuttle, the character, in this case my nephew, becomes friends with an alien and plays games with them for a little while before returning home. 

Once I had read the book and of course come to terms with how cute the cartoon version of my nephew was, I decided I better take it to the real person doing the review. It’s fair to say he loved it, he was so impressed the story was about him and he really enjoyed the adventure the book took him on. 

Overall, the book exceeded my expectations, the personalisation and the awesome cartoon photo topped it for me. My nephew definitely enjoyed it and it’s something he will keep even when his reading level progresses. For the same reasons I believe the book is has great value for money too. 

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.95

For more information or to buy visit www.swankyportraits.co.uk.

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