Oral Healthcare for Babies with Bickiepegs and Doidy Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

I remember Bickiepegs from my childhood. As the eldest of four children I remember my mother pinning the white Bickiepeg ribbon to the babygros of my siblings, so I was delighted to try some Bickiepegs and Doidy products with my own baby.

I remember reading the Bickiepegs box about 30 years ago and enjoyed the fact that it was used in royal nurseries, I was pleased to see this fact still printed in the box. My baby thoroughly enjoyed her first Bickiepegs Teething Biscuit and happily stayed in her highchair giving it a good chomping for about 15 minutes. The size and shape are just right for tiny hands to hold and the curved edges are perfect for soothing little gums. I notice my baby bites the Bickiepegs biscuit with her back gums as well as her new front teeth. Unlike many products designed for babies it has absolutely no sugar or salt added and also no flavouring which is something I have a particular problem with in other products. The leaflet included with the Bickiepegs includes interesting information regarding the importance of chomping in developing chewing skills and speech and also increasing blood flow to the gums. 

The Doidy Cup is a super invention, I used one with my now six year old and it was the only way she could drink from an open cup for quite a while without spilling it everywhere. The reason it’s so clever is all to do with the shape, the whole cup is slanted forwards which means that the baby can still see the water by the time it reaches their mouth which helps them learn to drink without sloshing it all over themselves. It has two handles which make it easy and comfortable to pick up and I really think it speeds the process of moving away from bottles or cups with spouts. This is a huge positive step towards maintaining oral health in babies and toddlers. The success of the Doidy Cup is due to allowing babies to learn to drink using the same actions as when they breastfeed. I like the resealable pouch that the Doidy Cup is supplied in, I’ll use this to keep it in the changing bag when we go out. 

The Doidy Bowl was completely new to me, it’s a beautifully formed shape and I actually love the look of it. Ours is pale pink which delights us but it’s available in red or blue as well. It’s made of soft silicone which is brilliant because my babies seem to bend over in their highchair and bump their faces on hard bowls quite often for some reason. The bowl sticks reliably to the highchair tray, this surprised me greatly as no other bowl has ever been able to withstand my baby’s determined efforts to upend it and hurl it over the edge. The suction is easily released using the tab at the side of the bowl. The sides of the Doidy Bowl are curved in a similar way to the Doidy Cup which makes it easy to spoon food out of and also for little hands to get in and pick things easily out of it as the baby can squash things against the edges without them falling over the top. Both the Doidy Bowl and Doidy Cup are suitable for use in the dishwasher and microwave.

The Bickiepegs Finger Toothbrush and Gum Massager was also a big hit. Made of soft silicone and BPA, PVC and phthalate free, as all the Doidy products are, it’s soft and gentle enough for the tiniest of gums. Toothbrushing is an essential and often underestimated part of bedtime for babies and massaging a baby’s gums even before the first tiny pegs poke through is a great way to introduce the concept. My baby loves the Bickiepegs finger toothbrush, she thought the whole thing was hilarious and really seemed to enjoy the feeling of the soft bristles on her little teeth and gums. It’s quite easy to use as it just pops onto an adult finger and can be used with very small amount of infant toothpaste which is what I do, or just with water which is what I started with to get my baby used to the idea. I like that it can be sterilised and so is suitable for use with very young babies.

We’ve had a great time trying out Bickiepegs and Doidy products, all of which make a positive contribution towards baby learning to eat and drink independently and healthily.

Rating: 5/5

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