Babycup Review

Reviewed by Nia Lock

I was very happy to try out the award-winning Babycup with my 9-month-old baby who has really not grasped the idea of drinking water from a spouted cup and just uses it to sprinkle water all over the floor. Like many parents, I’m always keen to teach my children to drink from normal open cups and wean them off of a baby cup with a spout as soon as I can to ensure that their teeth develop properly. This is often a difficult transition for little ones to make.  It strikes me often how cute and funny a baby looks when getting to grips which what is usually a massive cup compared to the size of their little faces, It’s like an adult drinking from something the size of a bowl. Babycup is different, the proportions make much more sense.

Babycup comes in a mixed pack of four different colours, pink, yellow, blue and green. It’s about the size of a shot glass, 50ml actually, and is very smooth to hold. It’s translucent so that both baby and parent can see what’s going on and has graduations on the side.  

Babycup is suitable for cup feeding from newborn which avoids the potential confusion for breastfed babies when introduced to teats. This is in line with UNICEF’s baby friendly initiative who recommend cup feeding as an alternative to bottle feeding whilst establishing breastfeeding. Cup feeding is recommended when experiencing latch issues such as tongue and lip ties. Babycup is perfect for feeding expressed milk and I wish I’d had one when my baby was newborn rather than struggling with things that were too big for her tiny face. Watching a newborn sip milk is truly one of life’s great pleasures, sipping uses the same action as breastfeeding, and it can be a comfort to watch the milk going into your baby’s mouth at a time when you aren’t sure if they’re feeding properly.

Now though my baby is older. Babycup is the perfect size for my weaning baby who can proudly pick it up herself and take sips just like her big sisters! My two older children were immediately attracted to the adorable little cups and each claimed one for themselves to try out. I actually think they drank more that lunchtime with their multiple refills of the tiny cups than they normally do which pleased me greatly and I’ve allowed them to continue this game for the last few days as it’s encouraging for the baby to be doing the same as everyone else.

The information sheet included with Babycup is incredibly useful, easy to read and clear about the benefits of drinking from normal open cups. Research shows that tooth decay and orthodontic problems are much reduced by avoiding the prolonged use of bottles due to the correct muscles being used when drinking from an open cup and the way liquid is swallowed when sipped from a cup rather than being allowed to pool around the teeth which is what often happens with teats. Babycup facilitates early uptake of open cup drinking and fits well with the principles of baby-led weaning, encouraging independence in feeding from a young age.

Now I’ve tried using the Babycup I’m hoping that I might bypass spouts and cups with valves for this baby and skip straight to drinking from an open cup. She might spill her water sometimes, but she makes so much mess anyway, a bit of water will just make the cleaning up easier. 

Babycup is made in Britain, 100% recyclable (you can return it to them if necessary) and BPA and Phthalate free. It can be used in the dishwasher, steriliser and even autoclave.

I’ll be gifting them to new parents from now on.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £6.99

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