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Step Right Up Game By Lucky Egg Review


Reviewed by Tonya Glennester

I was excited for the arrival of this New Game, the first thing you will notice is the quirky packaging.

The Triangular Box is actually used as part of the Game.

The packaging is colourful with modern artistic illustrations of various game activities.

~Inside the box you will find another box which also forms an integral part of this energetic party game. Other contents include small bean bags, large rubber bands, 1 Blindfold, Measuring Tape, 4 dice, an inflatable beach ball, pop out collectable game tokens in four varieties, a 30 second timer, and the most important are the games Challenge Cards.

“Step Right Up’ is designed as a party game suitable for 2 – 8 players, for ages 8 and above with an average of 50 mins play time.

So lets get to the playing of the game itself –

Following the Game instructions its suggested that the Oldest Player goes first,

Each player must collect a mystery card, this is a secret challenge for that individual player that can be completed at any stage of the game, your challenge information is gained by scanning a QR code on the card.

Then each player on their turn will take a challenge card which can be picked from any of the 4 Decks, they will place the card in the centre of the playing area and read it out aloud. Each card will explain if it is a solo challenge, partner challenge, opponent challenge, or group challenge, so according to which card it is the appropriate amount of players will then attempt the challenge.

Any players who win at the challenge will gain a token matching the icon to that card. Some challenges

Can have multiple winners, one winner or even None.

Once all players have had a chance to win a token for the relevant challenge card, the card is then place to the bottom of the appropriate Deck.

The instructions also include advice for variations on the game for smaller, Odd Numbered, and larger groups, for example smaller/odd numbered groups would emit the partner challenge cards as there may not be enough partners to do this. Larger groups could split into teams for challenges that require the use of the props provided in the box as their may not be enough for larger groups to compete individually at the same time, for example there are only 4 bean bags etc.

So lets get to the challenge cards themselves! These are split into 4 decks which also match the icons for the winning tokens. The Decks are – Trumpet Challenge, Umbrella Challenge, Sunglasses Challenge, and the Popcorn Challenge. Each card has a challenge title, followed by if it’s a Solo, Partner or Group Challenge. Then the instructions along with what props to use such as a tape measure and a timer.

Some cards require objects that are not in the box such as a Table, dining style chairs with backs on, shoes, we found if we didn’t have these objects (having a smaller home we don’t have room for dining table or chairs with backs) that we just emitted those challenges and placed them back at the bottoms of the deck.. We also have disabled members in our household so any group challenges that we also placed those at the bottom of the pack, so that we could keep the game accessible for all.

I would say this game would be an ideal present for families with older children, teenagers, and energetic young adults. it would be a very good way to tire people out for bed time ?.

But also it’s a fun game for parties and family get togethers.

Rating: I personally rate the game as a 4 out of 5 mainly because I would’ve like to see more accessible challenges for our whole family.

RRP: £24.99

This product can be purchased from Amazon here.

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