Sniffe And Likkit Review


Reviewed by Janine Rumble

Ralph and Teddy (my Chorkies) smelled clean and looked great after reviewing both the ‘Fragrant Fur Coat for Beautiful Dogs 3 in 1 brightening & conditioning shampoo’ and the ‘No Rinse Charming Dry Shampoo Powder Shower’.

The fragrance is a mixture of petigrain, vertiver, cedarwood, juniper berry and ho leaf, which leaves a woodland scent on their fur. This may not be to everyone’s scent buds, but Ralph and Teddy did not seem to mind it.
Trying out the shampoo first, it was easy to dispense from the packaging, great for when you have a wriggling dog who does not want to have a bath. It went on well, rubbed into their fur and skin easily, rinsed out quickly and easily and cleaned the dogs beautifully. The instructions on the back of the packaging were really useful too.

The dry shampoo was much easier and is great to use in-betweens baths or after going out for a walk in the rain and helps to disguise the scent of wet dog. This was much easier to dispense and as the dogs did not feel the powder on them, they just thought they were getting an extra brush.
Both products work well and I love the packaging and all the little quirky bits on them such as the “Howl to use it” guides on the back. The packaging itself is very stylish and would look great on any side. It’s even better than the packaging for human shampoo products.

Sniffe & Likkit was an unknown company to me before this review, but their website: is great. It explains how the company was set up and gives information about their range of products. It states that ‘fresh out of the beauty industry, our founders came bounding into petcare with passion and desire to create exciting new ‘petscentric’ luxury grooming gifts and treats to indulge hairy hounds.  Fun and fabulous, fragrant and efficacious, these multi-tasking formulas deliver high quality grooming results at home, or on the go.  Our brand-new formulas have been specially developed with a powerhouse blend of active ingredients and botanicals that are over 90% natural.
Conscious of packaging too, we have combined both luxury and practicality in beautiful silver (recyclable and reusable) aluminium bottles and easy to use tubes – not something to be sniffed at when you are grooming a dog.’
Their website is great and there is a much wider range of Sniffe & Likkit products for you to purchase. I never knew dogs could have more beauty products than us humans, but they seem to be in abundance on this website.

Although the products were great and left Ralph and Teddy looking clean and were really easy to use and the packaging looks stylish, I am not a fan of the lingering smell of woodland I am afraid, so for this I will be giving it 4/5.

I would recommend the product if you didn’t mind the lingering scent as the actual product and how it works on the dogs and the results which can be seen in the dog’s coats are great.

Rating: 4/5


These product can be purchased from the Sniffe and Likkit website here and here.

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