Nibble And Nosh Christmas Luxury Gourmet Dog Treat Hamper – Silver Edition Review


Reviewed by Janine Rumble

If you love to treat your dogs as I do and want them to have the very best, 100% natural treats, then a Nibble and Nosh one off or subscription box is the perfect treat for your precious pooches and for your pocket too.
I received the Christmas luxury gourmet dog treat hamper – silver edition through the post box for my dogs Ralph and Teddy to try. Inside there were 8 very different flavoured treats, a toy, a plush Christmas themed toy, a poo bag dispenser and 2 rolls of poo bags, all wrapped up in sparkly festive paper with a personalised Christmas card. As you can imagine, my dogs, Ralph and Teddy went wild for the treats. They absolutely love each of the treats and because they are made from 100% natural ingredients, made using choice cuts, are wheat free and are low in calories, I am more than happy to give them to them. They have had no adverse side affects from changing from their normal treats and I love the range of treats that is available to them. Treats such as wholesome handcut chicken strips, devine chicken and liver fillets, yummy chicken sushi rolls (a favourite of Teddy’s), tender duck and sweet potato twists, succulent salmon twists (Ralph’s favourites) and many, many more. They are the perfect size for small dogs such as Ralph and Teddy, but you may need to double up for larger dogs.
Their website, states that all their gourmet dog treats help to improve your dog’s immunity, aid their digestion, and support your dogs all round health.

Their luxury box included 8 bags of delicious dog treats, 2 rolls of Beco poo bags, 1 high quality toy, this plush toy will change each month and 50p from this box goes towards your chosen charity and will help dogs in need receive the support and love they require.

The luxury gourmet dog treat box can be sold either as one-off purchase for £19.95 or as part of a monthly subscription service, where you can decide how often you would like to receive a box. If you subscribe now you can save 20% off (£3.99) of your first box and then 10% (£2.00) on all remaining orders, which is great value for such great products.  There is also the option to buy ‘The Lite’ Gourmet Dog Treat Box’, which contains 4 delicious treats for a both a one-off delivery or on subscription, both for the price of £9.95 and 25p goes to charity.

You can also purchase the ‘Luxury Gourmet Dog Family Treat box’ for a one-off at £37.95 or on subscription with a saving of 20% (£7.59) on your first box and 10% (£3.80) off of remaining boxes purchased and this contains 14 delicious bags of dog treats, 4 rolls of Beco poo bag and 2 high quality toys and £1 from this box goes to your chosen charity.

All of the tasty treats that Ralph and Teddy tried are also available to buy in single packets for a one-time purchase of £2.85 or on subscription with 10% off (£2.56). I will definitely be purchasing some of these for them and being on subscription makes life so much easier.

For Christmas treat time you can purchase either the Christmas luxury gourmet dog treat hamper – silver edition (that we received) for £19.95, or the gold edition for £24.95 or the platinum edition for £39.95, check out their website for more details.

As either a one-off treat or as a regular subscription, I think the quality of the products and the price should convince others to give Nibble & Nosh a try. I felt much better knowing my dogs were having healthy treats that were much better for them than the commercial products that are on the market.

I think Nibble and Nosh is a great company. All of the little touches make this a great company. I especially like how they donate money to a charity of your choice. And their range of products and prices are amazing.
I highly recommend everyone with a dog purchase their dog treats from this company in the future.

Rating: 5/5

RRP:£19.95 (silver edition)

For more information please visit the Nibble and Nosh website here.

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