SkinGenius Complete Skincare Acne Solution Review

Reviewed by Linda Odziemski

I was so happy to be chosen to review these amazing skincare products. As I had heard of the name of SkinGenius, but not tried them before, it was going to be a real treat. 3 simple steps to healthier glowing skin, who could ask for more, but the proof was going to be in the testing. I wasn’t expecting miracles, I just wanted to see a difference.

There are many products on the market that promise miracle effects for your skin, but not many of them actually come through on their promise. You could spend a fortune and have no visible results to show for it, just an empty bank account. These products are not expensive and are designed so you don’t waste a drop as they are measured in pumps, 1 pump at most is all you need, so each bottle can last up to 3 months. If you work that out £17.99 for the foaming face wash, divide that by 90 days, would cost you roughly 10 pence for each use, if used twice a day. Beautiful skin for pennies.

The SkinGenius products are designed for use by all ages, for the treatment of acne and breakouts, or for me prevention is better than cure. A good skin care routine is the key. We all know spots can happen at any time of life, especially with all the pollution and stress we all encounter nowadays. There are so many things that can trigger breakouts, with a proper skin care routine your skin can handle whatever life throws at it. Acne is a problem that many people suffer with, teenagers especially can be prone to this, it can cause low self-esteem and social problems. If only all teenagers were given this product, the world for them would be a happier place. 3 simple steps to happiness is what it should be called.

The products are all 100% natural, which means none of the chemicals that can cause your skin more harm than good. Nature can provide us with many remedies to medical problems, so it’s good to utilise these things that can be found in abundance in the natural world. SkinGenius has won a total of 12 awards for its skin care range, the latest being, The Janey Loves Platinum Award winner 2019 for the best product for sensitive/problem skin, awarded to SkinGenius foaming face wash.

My parcel arrived so fast, within 4 days of me being chosen the parcel was with me ready to try. Packaged in a lovely cloth bag with a small sachet of lavender. Before I had even opened the parcel, I could smell the aroma of lavender, this is a lovely touch.

Foaming Face Wash

The bottle contains 150ml/5fl.oz. The active ingredients are, Calendula, Red Clover & Lemongrass. Following the easy steps, first I wet my face and applied 1 pump of the foaming face wash to my hands and massaged around my face and neck in circular movements, avoiding my eyes. The foam goes a long way and spreads easily and is soft and fluffy. It gives a slight tingling feeling especially if you have any broken skin, but this is all good, it means that it is getting to work and cleaning out the pores and removing any bacteria. I then applied more splashes of water to my face, washing off all the foam. The last part of this step is to exfoliate with a cotton flannel (which came in the set) gently wipe till dry. My face did look a little red after this, but not sore or anything, I could see that it was clean with a bit if a shine. The lemon scent is not overpowering, it is just nice and subtle. It is suggested that you use this product twice a day, morning and night. For ladies that wear makeup, this foam wash is like a miracle in a bottle, no more scrubbing to get the last remnants of foundation off, with a little rub and splash of water its gone, even stubborn eye makeup is removed, no more panda eyes in the morning. This product is designed to bring troubled skin back to its normal balance, where you have problem areas of spots, acne, and access oil with its deep cleansing, and I feel this even after only a few uses is truly happening, as my skin feels fresh and breathing like it should.

Leave-On Purifying Gel

This bottle contains 100ml/3.3fl.oz. The active ingredients are, Oregan Grape, Nettle & Roman Chamomile.  1 pump is all you need applied to a clean dry skin. I gently applied this to my face, making sure to cover all areas. It feels really cool and refreshing. Leave it on to dry. Whilst it is was drying on my face, I could feel a slight tightening, not so much that you can’t move your face, but once dried, which takes no more than a few seconds, you can’t feel it. To help it dry quickly I just fanned my face with my hands. Again, it has a gentle fragrance. It is suggested that you use this product at night for maximum benefit. As this product is designed to be left on the skin it works to sooth inflamed skin and infected pores as it soaks into the skin. In the morning my face still felt fresh and clean.

Soothing Moisturising Lotion

This bottle contains 50ml/1.7fl/oz. The active ingredients are, Babassu, Hazelnut & Macadamia. 1 pump is all that is needed. I applied this to my face using circular movements, and stroking movements up my neck. It is not at all greasy and doesn’t leave a residue on your face. Lightly scented. After about 10 minutes I ran my fingers over my face, and it felt so soft. It is suggested that you use this morning and night. As this product contains nut oil it is full of antioxidants which protect and heal and aid in the regeneration of the skin to minimise scarring caused by spots and acne.

I have been using these products for a few days now, and my skin looks and feels healthier. I am sure that with further use my skin will regain its glow. I myself have sensitive skin, and sometimes a change of products can cause a problem, but not this time, if anything these products are so much better than the ones I have been using. I will be continuing to use these products as part of my daily skincare routine. In a world where time is limited, to find a skin care routine that takes no time at all and still get results is something not to be missed. In total I would say that the whole routine takes approximately 5 minutes. I am in the percentage of lucky people that don’t frequently suffer from skin problems. I am not saying that I don’t get spots, it just doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I run for all the products in the bathroom. That doesn’t mean I don’t look after my skin, it just means that I don’t have to use as many products to solve problems, and now finding this skincare range I have even less to use. I would say that I wish I had found this skincare range years ago when I was in my teenage years, as yes like many teenagers I suffered multiple breakouts and didn’t know how to deal with them, SkinGenius would have been my saviour.

I would highly recommend the SkinGenius skincare range to anyone who suffers from acne, spot prone skin and skin breakouts of any kind, or simply want to give your skin the best chance, to give these products a try. If you are reading this and have teenagers who suffer from skin problems, which happens to most kids as they hit a certain age, and their bodies are going through changes, give these products a try and help your child be more confident about their appearance. Even if you are like myself who has been searching for the ideal skincare routine that fits in with a busy lifestyle, give it a try. I can honestly say that you will not be disappointed. I would give this skincare range 5*****. This is the perfect 3 step skincare range to have in your home and used by everyone. Unless you want to keep it to yourself. You don’t have to take my word for how amazing these products are check out the website.

This skincare range would make an ideal gift idea for anyone and any age. Don’t feel bad about buying a skin product like this as a gift, you are not saying that someone has bad skin, you are saying, look something that will make a difference. I would be happy if someone was thoughtful enough to buy me these products.

These 3 products can be purchased as a Complete Skincare Acne Solution set for £49.99 or each item can be purchased individually.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49.99

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