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Premier Inn Pillows Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton

I can often struggle to get comfortable at night – I have no idea why, but I just can’t seem to find the right pillow for me. They are either too flat or too fluffy, too hard or too soft. I sometimes feel like Goldilocks looking for Baby Bear’s pillow! One of the very few exceptions to this has been when I have stayed in Premier Inn hotels where I seem to sleep like a log, which is really odd because for the most part I much prefer a familiar bed. This is because of the guaranteed Good Night’s Sleep that Premier Inn offer – you get their fabulous Hypnos king-size bed along with a choice of pillow, so your night’s sleep is tailored just for you! So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that Premier Inn have now made their beds, mattresses and pillows available to buy to use in your own home, and how even more excited I was when I was asked to try out a set of their pillows!

Just like when you stay in the hotels you can choose either a soft or a firm pillow, which are sold in 2-packs and even include hotel-standard, zip-up pillow protectors. I was surprised at just how inexpensive the pillows are, with both options priced at just £25 – I had somehow expected they would be more expensive that that! We were sent the soft ones to try out.

The pillows arrived in very good time and were packed into a zip-up carry bag. There is absolutely no single-use plastic as the bag can be reused in the house – I am using mine to store bedding in to stop it getting dusty. You can tell from as soon as you take the pillows out of the carry bag that they are the same great quality you would find in the hotels. The pillows are made from hypoallergenic blown hollow fibre, so are perfect for people who may have allergies to feather pillows, and they will help to keep you nice and cool whilst you sleep.

Because they are made from hollow fibre and not memory foam, as lots pillows are these days, there is no unpleasant smell that needs to evaporate when you open them, and they can be used straight away. I have also found that some memory foam pillows can get a bit hot as you sleep on them, making for a less restful sleep. No such issues with these and they provide a lovely, cool night’s sleep. The included pillow protectors are made from a soft, quilted poly-cotton and they really add an extra sense of comfort and luxury to the pillow. They even fully zip up at the end so there is no chance of the pillow slipping out of the protector or bunching up whilst you sleep.

Whilst the soft ones that we were sent really are soft, they are also supportive and plump; they’re certainly not flat or so soft that your head just sinks through them. Premier Inn suggest that you go for the firm pillows if you are a side-sleeper, two soft pillows if you are a back-sleeper or a single soft pillow if you are a front-sleeper. I would say that this advice is probably spot on; I am a back-sleeper and find the two soft pillows absolutely perfect, but they aren’t quite right for my partner who is a side-sleeper and prefers a firmer pillow. Having said that, this is no bad thing as I’m finding the two soft ones perfect and wouldn’t want to surrender one of pillows to him!

I am delighted with my pillows – they are just as good as the ones that I have used when I’ve stayed in the hotels and they do feel like a real touch of luxury at home. I have honestly been sleeping more soundly and comfortably since they arrived and can’t believe how good they are for the price! The pillow protectors can be quickly removed and popped in the washing machine too, so you can keep your lovely new pillows clean and fresh. I would absolutely recommend these to anyone, and think they are even the kind of thing I might give as a Christmas present. I don’t normally go for household items as Christmas gifts, but these are that little bit different and the quality is excellent. Afterall, what better gift is there than the gift or a good night’s sleep?

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25 (2 Pillows and Protectors)

For more information or to buy visit www.premierinnbed.co.uk.

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