Stars of Paradise by Mary Obozua Review

Reviewed by Jane Warwick

Stars of Paradise by Mary Obozua is a children’s book with a cover in different shades of blue with the title of the book in a dark blue font covering most of the front with different coloured stars and feathers around the title. The author’s name is again in blue font in the centre at the bottom of the front cover. An appealing front cover.

There are 10 chapters to this book which are of suitable length for bedtime stories with one chapter per night and certainly as easy book for a primary school child to read.

The book is about a group of friends in year 6 at school. One of the girls, Ewe is a very good artist and draws things. Her Aunt Mable gave her a special computer which allows her to make 3D objects from her drawings using her laser printer whilst another of the girls, Daisy is very good at coding and is able to utilise the 3D objects and get them to change size and also more importantly move. They have used their skills in the past to help out though sometimes their device may not quite work as they had intended.

Once a year, there is a carnival at the school which is open to all of year 6. Each year 6 pupil receives the request to attend the carnival by invitation which arrives by post in a gold coloured envelope. The theme for this year 6 is “birds of paradise” and there is also a team competition which includes singing with a mystery prize for the winning team. All the year 6 pupils are very excited by this. In their year, there is a girl Esi who is an excellent singer but tends to be on her own. The group of friends who have named their team Stars of Paradise and invite Esi to join their team but in order for Esi to take part in the competition, they (Ewe and Daisy), need to make something as she cannot be in two parts of the town at the same time. They work well as a team sharing the jobs required for their performance among themselves and also they get their family to help with costumes. They have two months and during this time (like other teams), they practise their routine.  

On the day of the carnival they arrive just in time having managed to get Esi from one place to another ever so quickly and having made bird shape drones, Ewe asks their teacher to record the show. They give a stunning performance (you will need to read the book to know what they did!), and the winning team is announced after all the team have been judged. The prize is amazing.

A lovely little book on friendships and fun. It should make children realise that some people look as though they do not need a friend, but everyone needs a friend.  

A useful stocking filler for a child or even for a child’s own Christmas list.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £6.99 (Paperback) / £2.99 (eBook)

Available to buy from Available to buy from Amazon here.

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