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Pokemon Battle Figure Multi Pack Review

Reviewed by Carolyn Dewey

The Pokemon Battle Figure Multi Pack arrived in half term, which was lovely for my daughter, a great time to give her a treat. The item description on the pack is accurate, when opened by my daughter I was greeted with a big YAY, she was so excited. She battled through the packaging to pull out all 8 of the characters from the famous Japanese game, whose names knowledgeably rolled off her tongue along with the descriptions of them all and their special powers, she was so full of enthusiasm. It was a great gift to get an insight into the world of Pokemon, not something I played as a child indeed not sure if it was around then eek. The set includes Mimikyu, Ditto, Alolan Vulpix, Sandygast, Mareanie, Pikachu, Alolan Muk & Magikarp.

It took a bit of unpacking from the colourful logo branded pack, which was well wrapped up I would say, we had to get the scissors out to get into it all.  The packaging contained 8 characters, all completely different, they are small, about 2-3 inches, and are very sturdy. Some of the figures have moving parts which is a nice touch. The characters are ideal to display in special place on a shelf. The box said suitable for ages 4 plus, but fans ages vary considerably I think, perhaps this is the same with any gaming toy, indeed my daughter is age 10 and I would say an avid fan for about 3 or 4 years. My daughters favourite figure in the pack was Ditto, the little pink blobby like character, who I am informed has the ability to change form/shape. Inside the box there are pictures of the characters along with all their descriptions, my daughter used them to help display them all in her cubed shelving unit. Magikarp is a bit wobbly to display but just lent against the packaging and propped up by another figure.

I feel Pokemon and its app, where you search for these pocket monsters on the go, has nice online communication.

Pokemon come with their own individual powers, be it making ice or spawning flames, and are able to fight battles against other Pokemon, along with their trainers. Everything seems to work out, there are good morals in the stories for the game with good and bad. The characters and Pokemon are all very colourful. It is sweet listening to all their different attributes, an older cousin knows some games too, so they can be a good conversation piece, and bring back family childhood times, much nostalgia goes on about the new and old characters which become much loved.  

The Pokemon Battle Figure Multi Pack is an ideal Christmas gift to buy a Pokemon fan, that is sure to be a hit, and great for both boys and girls. The price is around 30 pounds, which does seem a lot to me but they will last and be cherished by a Pokemon fan and a talking point with all their friends. At £3.75 each figure it works out to be reasonable, I would say as packs of little figure in the past on other toys seems to be 3-7 pounds each. If it was for your own children you could even split the pack into little treats to put in Christmas Santa sacks if you had two children it works out as 4 each, 15 pounds each for example, or divide them up to put in a Christmas gift bag for school friends.

All in all, a gift children of all ages will love.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £30

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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