Scent Republik Mix Up Collection Review

Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

Wow! A collection of 6 individual scent pens that not only can be used on their own but layered together to create a unique and personal fragrance or the experimental young ladies of today.

I say young ladies of today because everything about the concept, package design screams youth.

The fragrances arrive in brightly coloured boxes with graffiti style font.

The Fab stick is sweet and girly with notes of vanilla, mandarin and praline, almost good enough to eat!

The Yay stick again is a sweet scent, apricot, sweet orange and exotic hibiscus. My own uneducated sense of smell can definitely denote the apricot.

The Zap scent stick consists of wild jasmine, amber and vanilla and has a more subtle tone to it, I can see one being able to be layered to produce a slightly softer tone to the sweetness of the above.

BFF not to my taste at all, it has rose, freesia and creamy magnolia blend. As much as I love the rose in all its naturally glory I do not like the scent and this comes over in bounds in this scent stick.

Whoosh, this is the sweetest by far, with tones of raspberry, strawberry and cassis. So sweet reminds me of pick and mix back in the day in Woolworths.

Chill, so fresh. Like a cool cucumber. It denotes Apple Blossom, Marine Aqua and sweet citrus.

The range is designed to wear as individual scents or to mix 2 or 3 together. While the idea is a creative one, there are reasons people are employed to create perfumes. Their sense of smell has been trained to within an inch of its life and to be honest the average teenage girls hasn’t. I envision young girls walking about surrounded by a fragrance bubble that you may see in a cartoon. Have you seen some of the eyebrow fashions nowadays? Subtle is not in their vocabulary and I fear that the bus riders, taxi drivers and parents that are trapped in an enclosed area with these over scented sensations may end up with a bad head.

I do not intend any disrespect to the young ladies that this product has been carefully marketed towards, however with the exception Zap and Chill the fragrances are so strong there is no need to layer further.

I would like to say that if you are reading this review that I am 44 and eons of time have passed since I was a tween so I am coming at this from a unique angle. I feel old and grumpy with my opinions.

Luckily, I can say that I can totally see that the potential of fun mixing within a friendship group. Christmas is creeping up upon is so quickly and these sticks would make a fabulous stocking figure either individually or together. They also are budget friendly for those high school secret Santa gifts. Best friends, daughters, nieces will all appreciate a lot of colour a huge punch of fragrance from this tiny pen.

Cute idea, just not for me.

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £5 each

Available to buy from

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