Pearl Drops Teeth Whitening Kit Review

Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

I haven’t tried to whiten my teeth for years, I am talking over a decade as my eldest turns 14 this year and that is when tea came into my life. Two children turned me to 2 morning mugs of tea kind of girl. I also enjoy red wine. The reason I mention these things is because they are known to stain teeth and if on a journey to whiter teeth then they really should be avoided!

I am not going to lie, that was not going to happen on this trial, I have just entered my 3rd year of university, I work and run a home, the teeth whitening kit was just going to have work with the tea… and wine!

The packaging that the kit arrives in has the Pearl White branding that I am sure e are all used to seeing. Minimal and clinical. The edge of the box has a shade chart to measure the dis-colouration of your teeth before-hand and then after. I am struggling with my vision at the moment and regardless of moving rooms for better light I still couldn’t quite make my mind up. They are not pearly white for sure!

The kit contains a 3-step process and provides you with a manual toothbrush.

Step one: You need to brush your teeth with your normal toothbrush and paste.

Step two: Activate the brush on brightener serum by shaking for 3-5 seconds. The bottle is clearly labelled with the number one to know the order of products. You need to brush the serum  onto the front and top of teeth being careful not to remove any with your tongue or lips.

Step 3: Activate bottle 2 the brush on activator by shaking as above and then apply, being careful not to remove again with lips and tongue. Rinse your mouth with water after 30 seconds.

If possible do not eat for 20 minutes after application.

Step 4: Brush your teeth with the Pearl Drops toothpaste and brush.

This is for a maximum 10 day period and only once a day.

How did I get on with this process? I am not going to lie, I found it long. There must be an easier way surely. I am time poor. My mornings are manic and I crawl into my bed after a long day so there was no ideal time of day to do this for me. It is at least 6/7 minutes added to an already mad and crazy routine.

My teeth tingled the first time I used the serum and the activator but no discomfort. I am used to an electric brush so using a manual took some getting used to but having brushed for 4 minutes in total my teeth always felt clean.

After a few days I could appreciate that my teeth were looking brighter by about 2 shades, I used the drops kit for a total of 5 days before my gums became very sore in a spot at the back of my mouth* so, I limited my brushing to the normal 2 minutes and used a special mouthwash. I do not know how many shades brighter my teeth would have become if I had completed the 10 days but I am sure at least one or 2.

*It is important to clarify I do not know whether the whitening kit contributed to my sore gum on this occasion as I have had it before when not using it!

Overall, I was happy with the product there were no nasty tastes from the serum or it’s activator. For me personally  I would look for a quick fix solution with less time taken up. Again, as a working,  degree student, mother of 2, housekeeper. Time is precious to me I’d probably be better with a gum shield that works when I sleep!

That is my situation, if you have a less hectic lifestyle and can afford to really pamper yourself then it is ideal. The kit as a whole would make a unique gift for somebody looking to whiten their smile, those that haven’t mentioned a desire for whiter teeth may find it a bit cheeky! With Christmas just around the corner it may be worth listening out for subtle hints about whiter smiles.

I am happy that my teeth are brighter and a bit disappointed that I didn’t do the full time. I intend to try again as soon as my gums are sorted.

I would recommend this product with a 3½ out of 5 stars.

Rating: 3.5/5

RRP: £24.99

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