Saturday Lunch at The Brache Beefeater Luton Review

beefeater newSaturday Lunch at The Brache
Luton, Bedfordshire

Reviewed by Dorothy White

We arrived at The Brache Beefeater restaurant in Luton just after 1pm and were promptly seated, our drinks order taken and quickly brought to our table whilst we looked at the menu. We are not big drinkers so had bottomless glasses of diet cola which were refilled as required. It was Saturday lunchtime and there were a constant stream of people waiting to be seated.

My daughter and I fancied steak as our main course and my granddaughter scampi! My daughter and I were lucky with our choices, but not my granddaughter, there was no scampi! She resorted to the children’s menu. Our waiter, James arrived and confirmed to her there was no scampi.

My daughter, granddaughter and myself decided on Crispy Garlic and Herb Breaded Mushrooms as a starter, a child’s portion for my granddaughter, but she also asked for garlic bread as well. We checked that the adult portions of breaded mushrooms would be the button type breaded mushrooms rather than sliced and coated mushrooms we have had in a different Beefeater. These were served with BBQ and ranch dips, or ketchup in my granddaughter’s case. I am sure the pots of dips get smaller each time we visit as the pots were tiny and there was hardly any ranch dip, I think there was more BBQ sauce and ketchup!

For my main course I chose an 8oz fillet steak, medium with peppercorn sauce, I checked that the peppercorn sauce didn’t have brandy in it as it has had on previous occasions. I chose chunky chips which I think are their triple cooked chips.

My steak was delicious, cooked to perfection, served with a small pot of salad, grilled half tomato, a flat mushroom, peppercorn sauce and a pot of chunky chips. I was offered more condiments and chose French mustard and vinegar. My steak was very tender, no fat and apart from the last bit all edible. I am not one who likes to fight fat, gristle, skin etc… When I eat out, I like a nice simple piece of lean meat and meat alone which is why I love fillet steak! I confess I concentrated mainly on the steak and apart from a couple of chips left the majority which is normal for me.

My daughter chose rump steak, medium with a peppercorn sauce. Her steak was also delicious with just a small amount of fat on the edge. She too had the chunky chips but wasn’t sure if she was keen on them.

My granddaughter aged 12 settled for chicken pieces as she could not have scampi. I think these were called Mr Perfect’s Popin’ Chicken, served with beans and fries. She asked if she could have chunky chips with this rather than skinny fries, but her meal arrived with skinny fries. A quick word with James and she had a portion chunky fries as well! Of course she worked her way through the meal, both lots of fries and of course the garlic bread and mushrooms!

I don’t normally manage a dessert if I have had a starter, but decided to try a Chocolate & Honeycomb Sundae. I love honeycomb and there were lots of large pieces in with the ice cream together with chocolate sauce, not to mention the cream on top.

My daughter went for the Signature Apple & Cherry Crumble with custard which she really enjoyed.

My granddaughter had jelly and ice-cream.

We really enjoyed our meals and left feeling extremely full and very satisfied; my granddaughter did not even mention her missing scampi!!

To have steak was a real treat for both myself and my daughter, especially fillet, and it didn’t disappoint.

The Brache Beefeater in Luton is very easily accessible with plenty of parking; there is also a Premier Inn on site.

There was plenty of choice including light bites. Even better, the cost of the child’s main course was taken off the bill as children could eat free yesterday! We had to pay for her mushrooms and garlic bread plus and jelly and ice-cream.

We really enjoyed our Beefeater lunch, the staff were very attentive, the food was great and it was a real treat!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information, to view menus or to book a table visit

The Brache, Osborne Road, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3HJ | 01582 420 208


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