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Revolution Pro Pushchair

Reviewed by Sarah-Kate Cantlie

My Britax BOB Revolution Pro arrived in the post and was packaged in a large box and is well packed for its journey and therefore was in perfect condition. The pram is completely assembled except for the wheels, which are significant in size. This Revolution Pro I received is in black, however a number of colours are available, including wilderness and red, I like black personally, as it can easily be jazzed up with gender specific accessories as your family grows and you may use it for future children.

The pram as it comes is suitable from 6 months to 3 years, or 17kg, which is pretty hefty, I thought my little boy was pretty big, but he’ll be lucky to be 17kg by the time he’s 3. The seat is large and he looks very comfortable in it, when I asked him if he liked it, he said yes it was very nice, which is great praise from the little man with a limited vocabulary.

So safety first, the Revolution Pro is loaded with safety, so much to say, I’m convinced there is no safer pram out there, there is the standard 5 point harness that comes ready to go, it’s easy to use and should not phase even the inexperienced 5 point user (i.e. grandma). There is a foot break that locks into both back wheels, the mechanism is simple, yet effective and its simplicity means that it looks failsafe, unless the wheels pop out sideways (unlikely me thinks). There is also a hand operated front drum brake; this is extremely effective and very useful. I’ve had a number of prams and my biggest fear has always been that I struggle to counterbalance the pram on steep downhill roads and tracks whilst running, which leaves me with visions of the pram and my most precious possession tumbling away without me. If you have this pram, this will not happen; there is a strap on the handlebar as well as the hand brake, so I found this super safe when travelling at speed. The hand brake is designed to assist in the slowing and stopping of the pram in motion, after which the foot break can be applied, sort of opposite to the car I found, so was very intuitive. The strap is great; it allows you to run without continually holding the handle, which means you really get the best out of it from a running perspective and my hands weren’t as sweaty and so didn’t chafe either.

This is definitely a pram for the dads to get involved in too, as although the pram does come ready to go once the wheels are slotted on, it does allow fine tuning and tweaking, such as with the tracking and hand brake tension, to optimise the Revolution Pro. The front wheel can be locked for sport mode, or swivel for city mode, I made the mistake of leaving it in city when jogging round the park and came unstuck on an incline where I wanted to go straight and the pram had other ideas, this was my fault as my logic thought it might be better in swivel for the uneven terrain, needless to say, I won’t be making that mistake again. Oh and before I forget, you can even select different shock settings, I’m not even sure my bike lets me do that and another thing, the size of the wheels, they are indescribable bouncy beauties, combined with the 7.5cm of travel the shocks provide, the ride for my son must feel amazing, I am so pleased with them!

So, what’s it like to push, simply put, it’s amazing, my son is quite heavy now and even with him lumped in it, it was a doddle, in fact it got easier the faster I worked it. This pram is designed with the jogger/runner in mind and is a breeze to push on the pavement as well as off road. Whilst running round the park in the sun, I had one of my most enjoyable runs since I gave birth to my firstborn nearly 3 years ago. I once thought that I’d never get properly fit again, especially now that he’s bigger and I’ve been struggling to push him and my new baby round in an old pram with buggy board, which quite frankly just does its own thing and there is no way to work out with it. This pram facilitates either parent to get out there in the park or forest, or wherever you like to run, round town if you fancy getting right back into enjoying running and sharing it with your child too. Let’s face it, because of the speed that this pram can achieve comfortably and safely, there’s no way the small person won’t absolutely love it, with the wind on their little cheeks, its perfect.

Part of what makes the Revolution Pro so great is that it has air filled tyres that are huge and an amazing suspension system, combined give a really springy and light ride, truly excellent for running off road and on uneven paths. The fact that it’s so safe means that I can’t find anything to worry about, other than the sun, but they provide an accessory for that, so that was short lived. The handle is great, it doesn’t slide up and down, it adjusts around a pivot point, this makes it feel more robust and allows a decent height to be selected for the user, this is much better from a running perspective, as it allows you to run easier than other prams and I’ve always disliked the slide handle for this type of use as it felt more flimsy once I’d extended the handle. The basket under the pram is large and will allow bulky items to be transported round, which is great, because I like to shop and most items that you buy for children tend to be bulky in my experience. The basket also takes 4kg of weight, which I filled with picnic items for a mid run break with the nipper, who loved the fact that we’d got so far into the countryside and could have some valuable one on one time away from it all.


There are not very many negative points about this Britax Revolution Pro; no pram does everything, so no one pram will ever be perfect for every single person. The Revolution Pro is no different, it is big, there’s no getting round that, it does fold down in one easy movement and the wheels can be very easily removed to help transporting it in your vehicle, however it is not the most compact pram in the world, so if you think you want to take it in and out of the car all the time and that car is not a family car, maybe test run it first. The one thing that I’m unsure about, is that the hood does not feel like it is really intended to be pushed back fully, otherwise it rests on the child’s head when the seat is in the upright position. If the hood is pushed back it really needs to be put behind the child’s head or they cannot really see, I would suggest the pram is used with the hood as seen in the diagrams (partly open), which is likely how you would want to use it, but I was surprised it I could not fashion it more out of the way, saying that, it doesn’t seem to bother the small person at all. This is only a problem when the seat is in full upright position, so if you’re out for a long run and using the recline position of the seat for comfort, then it’s pretty insignificant. The hood pulls down pretty far, giving my son a good shade from the weather, which happens to be pretty sunny currently, but it is also quite effective if caught out in a shower, he is still pretty dry as long as I don’t run too fast. There are some weather accessories that can be bought separately, which given the amount of use you’ll likely get with 17kg maximum seat load, I’d order these straight away.

I haven’t tried skating with the pram, although it is approved for both running and skating, I prefer to just run and I highly recommend it for that purpose, it’s so easy to use and manoeuvre, that it’s given my running a whole new lease of life that I didn’t know existed. My son is excited to go out and knows when mummy wants to run that we will both be having a great time, I’m looking forward to taking the baby out in a couple of months when she’s old enough, she’ll be much lighter than my son and it will be interesting to see if it’s as easy to use with less weight in.

There’s barely anything to gripe about as far as the Britax Revolution Pro is concerned, so in my opinion, if you used to like running, still like running, or think you’d like to take running up to get back into shape or feel better, then look no further, because this pram is the perfect running companion, I just wish it had been available when my son was smaller so I could have enjoyed it for longer.



  • Swivel Front Wheel – Great for agile manoeuvring and tight turning; lock it in place for increased stability.
  • Drum Handbrake – The new drum handbrake provides additional stopping assistance.
  • New Frame Design – New black, powder-coated frame for a sporty, sleek look.
  • Adjustable Handle – Adjustable padded handle provides grip comfort and the wrist strap adds security while strolling.
  • Easy-Fold Frame – Easy, two-step folding and lightweight frame.
  • Suspension System – Ensures your baby has a smooth ride on any terrain.
  • Tracking Adjustment – A simple twist of the front wheel tracking adjustment knob keeps you rolling straight.
  • Accessory Adapter – For quick and easy attachment of the BOB Infant Carrier Adapter or Snack Tray.
  • Multi-Position Canopy – Overhead coverage helps to protect your baby from the elements; the large viewing window lets you keep an eye on your child.
  • Quick Release Wheels – High-impact,  polymer composite wheels handle even the roughest terrain.
  • Storage Features – Two interior seat pockets, one large pocket on seat back and a large cargo basket underneath.
  • Parking Brake – Engage and release with the step of your foot, helps to keep stroller in place while at rest.
  • DIN EN1888:2012 – Approved for running and skating.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £455

Available to buy from Britax BOB in 3 colours here.


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