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Salter Cupcake Limited Edition Electronic Digital Kitchen Scales Review


Reviewed by Debbie Lowndes

How wonderful I was asked to review a delightful handy gadget – Salter Cupcake Kitchen Scales. I was super excited and eagerly awaited their arrival.  The limited edition scales are designed and manufactured within Britain. They come complete with a 15 year guarantee. Which it gives you great piece of mind.

They are lightweight, very easy to store and take up little storage space – bonus when you have few cupboards. These scales are so attractive that they do not look out of place when being continuously left out on your worktop. These would be a be a great bonus if you are trying to loose weight and weighing out your food etc. As they are so simple and straight forward to use.

They have a large ultra slim glass weighing platform that is wipe clean. The glass platform has a very stylish bright eye catching cupcake design which is delightful. You bakers out there will love these scales.! Just what you need.

The measurement display has an easy to read clear digit display. You can weigh multiple ingredients straight into the same bowl. I personally love this idea, as it saves on washing up. The scales also come complete with Aquatronic which is used for measuring liquids. The weight options are g oz for ingredients ml and fl oz for liquid such as milk, water, wine etc.

The scales are very easy to keep clean they simply just need a wipe down with a clean damp cloth.
The scales are battery operated and batteries readily available from many stores. The batteries are stored in a compartment on the back and they can be easily replaced. To change the batteries you simply open up sealed compartment and remove the dead batteries and simply replace with the new ones.

These scales would make a great gift for anyone and they are definitely not your boring standard kitchen scales they are eye catching and a great addition to any kitchen. They are very reasonably priced at just £19.99 and available within many stores.

I consider these a smart purchase (editor’s note, the reviewer was gifted hers) – ours are used most days within our household, They are so easy to use weighing is simple with these bad boys! As you can leave them on your worktop there is no excuse for not weighing your food and sticking to that diet.

The robust scales are a timeless addition to any kitchen. They add fun to the kitchen environment and kids whether big or small will love the design and will enjoy using then. Anyone can weigh on these scales as it has never been easier. What a great design and smart addition thank you Slater scales.

Salter had a great reputation for quality reliable products and these are definitely up there. The weights are accurate and reliable. You wouldn’t regret your purchase if you buy these. (editor’s note – this is the reviewer’s opinion)


RRP: £19.99

This product can be purchased from the Salter website here.

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