Pierre Marcolini Citrus Garden Lemon Amaretti Box Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Boden

I was super excited to be chosen to review the Pierre Marcolini Citrus Garden amaretti box. Having had a look at the delights that were on offer on the website, I also found that the company had a strong ethical stance and a focus on sustainability and so I waited with great anticipation for my prized package to arrive and when it did it did not disappoint! The parcel arrived on a particularly grey summer day, with the rain lashing down outside, but the bright and cheerful packaging definitely left me feeling more in the mood for summer. The packaging was decorated with brightly coloured lemons and gave some indication of the citrus theme to follow. The quality of the packaging set a high standard for the contents and I was intrigued to taste the delights that this small but perfectly formed box had to offer. I was also pleased to see that the amaretti biscuits were made with quality natural ingredients with no artificial colourings or flavourings.

I treated myself to a pot of tea and got out my best china cup to accompany the citrus amaretti biscuits in a quiet moment when the children and husband were out and I was taking a break from work. As I opened the box I could see it was filled with about a dozen perfectly formed amaretti biscuits, lightly dusted in icing sugar. I had only ever had the traditional amaretti biscuits before and wasn’t sure how the citrus flavour would work. Unlike the amaretti biscuits I had sampled previously, which tended to be hard and quite dry, the Pierre Marcolini amaretti had a slight crispness to the outside, while the inside was soft and slightly chewy with a lemony filling which complemented my cup of tea perfectly. The amoretti biscuit was sweet and flavoursome while the zingy citrus flavour balanced the sweetness perfectly and left a lovely taste in my mouth long after I had eaten my treat.

I did share some of the amaretti biscuits with the family when they returned home and we all agreed how yummy and fresh these little biscuits tasted. The word zingy was used to describe them more than once and we all agreed that if summer had a flavour – this would be it.

The flavours of the amaretti biscuits definitely reminded me of sitting in the garden on a warm summer afternoon and the Pierre Marcolini Citrus Garden amaretti box would be the perfect complement for afternoon tea and I am sure any guests would be intrigued and delighted to see the box in pride of place on the table. They certainly made my tea break feel a little bit more special!

I would easily spend £5 on a sweet treat to share with my family, so I can definitely say I would be happy to pay £9.90 either as a special treat for myself or as a gift for a loved one. As a gift this is really great value and something unique and different from the usual chocolates. I would be thrilled to receive a Pierre Marcolini Citrus Garden amaretti box as a gift and I am always looking out for unique, high quality gifts so I will definitely be sending these as gifts to family and friends. I can’t wait to try other items in this delicious range!

Rating: I would rate this product 4.5/5

RRP: £9.90

This product can be purchased from Pierre Marcolini here

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