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Homeworker Plus Ergonomic Office Chair Review


Reviewed by Freya Knudsen

With Covid-19 bringing light to a new possibility of remote working post-pandemic, its never been a better time to invest in a home office environment.

For the past year, like many others, I’ve been working from home due to lockdowns. This has brought about the realisation that people, who were previously office workers, can work remotely just as effectively. I have been sat at a dining room table now for over a year, using a dining room chair. For short periods of time, I could sit fine, but I found that using throughout the entire day I’d soon be uncomfortable and looking for reasons to get up and move around. Most days would end with an achy lower back and a sore neck.

So, I was delighted to be selected to receive and review a Homeworker Plus Ergonomic Office Chair. It’s given me an excuse to set up my home office properly as a more permanent solution.

The chair arrived quickly and was well packaged to prevent damage. Within the box was a note to scan the QR code on the underside of the seat that directs you to an assembly guide. The chair was easy to assemble in just 4 parts, taking only a couple of minutes. What was also really helpful were the operating instructions, noting the various adjustments available and how they work.

1. Seat Height Adjustment
2. Back Angle Adjustment
3. Seat Tilt Adjustment
4. Inflatable Lumbar
5. Back Height Adjustment
6. Seat Slide
7. Body Weight Tension Adjustment

A quick look online taught me that an ergonomic chair is specifically designed to be both comfortable and put your body under minimal strain and to also maintain good posture.

I adjusted the chair pretty quickly with what felt good at the time, however tinkering over a few days has kept improving the experience. Although, I found the ‘how to set up your chair’ video on the website listing particularly helpful as it gives you guidance and recommendations on what position the chair should be to properly support your body.

The chair itself, is a classic design. Its aesthetic is pretty much what you’d expect from an office chair, but that’s not what you’re paying for with this. It many configurations make it entirely adaptable to you. The mechanisms are all smooth and easy, all can be reached when in the chair. There’s no annoying clicks or sticking that you can get with some cheaper chairs. It all just works seamlessly. The arm rests are a sturdy foam type material that are both comfortable and supportive, my first impressions are that they’re also likely to be durable and keep their shape – which some upholstered arm rests can sometimes lack.

In all honesty, I didn’t think a chair would make a huge difference. Its only after using an ergonomically designed chair that I’ve begun to notice a few key changes – my shoulders are less tense and my lower back not achy. That alone has converted me and I’m of the opinion that this chair is entirely worth the money.

Whilst I think the recommendation is that you should move every 20 mins or so, I’m not sure how many of us would say they stick to this. I can go from meeting to meeting without getting up for a few hours at a time. So, sitting for hours on end as an home office worker, its worthwhile investing in a chair that’s comfortable as you’ll be using it for so many hours of your day. I wouldn’t go back to a dining room chair anymore! This makes my working day so much more comfortable.

Overall, I would rate this product: 5/5.

Rating: 5/5
£346.74 (with armrests)
£315.54 (without armrests)

The product can be purchased from Posturite here.

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