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Rimmers Music Medeli DD60 Drum Machine Review

Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

I am a mother of two boys and as they grow the battle is real to limit their screen time without a teenage pout fest so when the opportunity to review a drum machine came, I jumped at the chance. My eldest is 14 and has some musical knowledge having had guitar lessons for 4 years so I have high hopes for the ongoing use of the drum kit once the initial novelty has worn off.

The drum kit arrived in a fairly simple designed box, the product RRP is £69.99 however currently is available with 10% off. I have to be honest the packaging wouldn’t catch my eye, and in my opinion doesn’t match the price tag. At £62.99 I would expect the packaging to have a better design- however I would like to clarify please do not be off put by this, after all the packaging usually ends up in the recycling anyway!

The design of the drum kit is really simplistic and the pads are placed with a good spacing making it quite easy to follow the instructions – talking to my eldest he believes that although he has accidently hit the incorrect pad a few times, it is more to do with being a beginner rather than the design of the machine.

One of the features is that of coach, the pads have a small light at the bottom that illuminates to indicate which one to hit while bars fall on the display screen, both boys picked this up quite quickly and enjoyed the challenge. After three coach solos you will have a voice comment depending on your ability.

As well as coach there is an option to play a game. A simple designed dial allows you to adjust the rhythm, with game options being, easy, normal and hard. The concept is very similar to the coach feature, in the fact the display screen indicates which pads you are to hit – again you are evaluated with the voice comment – ok, good, very good and excellent.

The drum comes with 50 different rhythms to choose from and the tempo of the rhythm can be increased or decreased, so there is plenty of choice for the beginner drummer or just for fun.

Christmas is just around the corner and this definitely would make a fabulous gift, my youngest is 8 and his interest waivered so unless your child has shown an interest in music this possibly is the minimum age and from there on upwards there is no limit. The drum is suitable for all sexes and will provide a lot of fun without the ear-splitting sounds of a real drum kit. It also has the advantage of being a lot more compact and easy to store! The drum comes with a two year guarantee, ensuring many hours of drumming practice and enjoyment.

The Medeli drum kit can be purchased from Rimmers Music and orders made before 4pm ensure a next day delivery.

Create a little musical magic this Christmas for somebody special in your life by giving this fantastic, easy but fun to use drum kit. Be careful of you are competitive you may well find yourself grabbing the drumsticks and trying to beat your loved ones score… am I speaking from experience? Possibly!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £69.99

For more information or to buy visit

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