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Ravensburger Puzzle Review


Reviewed by Elly Sax

Ravensburger puzzles have been synonymous with quality since the brand was founded over 130 years ago. Once you play with a Ravensburger puzzle it is easy to see why the company is still so popular within the games market. We love puzzles and when we got the chance to get out the ‘my first floor puzzle’ collection we were pleased to have a go. This collection of puzzles was designed in the UK with British artists and is made using ethically sourced materials. It feels great knowing that we are having fun with a toy whilst supporting British workers and sustainability at the same time. The puzzles are aimed at children 2 and over, with large pieces designed to help build dexterity. Each puzzle has 16 pieces; I love games which challenge my little one but also allow them to feel a sense of achievement, and these puzzles do just that.

The first puzzle we tested was the Hello Elmer puzzle. Elmer is a favourite of ours when it comes to books so it was lovely to explore Elmer using a different medium. The puzzle is designed to be completed on the floor, with 16 large chunky pieces, it measures approximately 49cm x 36cm once completed. Whilst we were completing the puzzle lots of different language came up. We talked about colours whilst pointing at the squares on Elmer’s body. We also counted the animals we could see and talked about the sounds they would make. The puzzle pieces were easy to manipulate and fitted together very precisely, I think this is one of the main differences between Ravensburger and other puzzle manufacturers; the quality and precision of the entire puzzle. From the artwork, to the puzzle pieces, to the box itself, everything is well made and sturdy.

The second puzzle in the collection was a look and find puzzle based around a fun day at playgroup. The puzzle itself was of the usual quality and again was designed to be completed on the floor, I love floor puzzles for building fine and gross motor skills all in the one activity. The puzzle measures approximately 49cm x 36cm once completed. This particular puzzle has the extra element of a border of pictures. The pictures around the border are all to be found in the main picture of the puzzle. It was great to complete the puzzle and to then have another game we could play. Looking for the objects in the main picture kept us occupied for a long time. It also meant we had more opportunity for talking and raised more questions. On the back of the box there are examples of questions you could ask your child, the subject matter is also great. It was lovely to be able to talk about playgroup and what sort of activities go on there, with the puzzle as a reference point. All of this helped to build confidence with my child around the idea of playgroup and gave them a chance to ask questions about anything they wanted to know. I would recommend these puzzles to anyone with preschool age children, they are great fun and fantastic quality, providing hours of entertainment.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £8.99

This product can be purchased on the John Lewis website here.

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