Have You Ever Had A Stressor Book Review


Reviewed by Julie P

Have you ever had a stressor?…. I know I certainly have had quite a few especially during these uncertain months with Covid still in our midst but what about our little people – have they ever had one? And if so, do they know how to tackle it and how it makes them feel and do they really understand it? Well with thanks to Paula Talman’s who founded ispace wellbeing and wrote the book ‘Have you ever had a stressor?’ my boys are now much better equipped in how to deal with their stressors (big worries that challenge them physically and emotionally) how to keep them under control and how to ask for help.

As a mum to two boys aged 7 & 5 their mental health and wellbeing has always been high on my list of priorities but more so at the moment due to my son recently being diagnosed with Tourette’s which can be severely impacted by his mental health so when we received the ‘Have you ever had a stressor?’ book by ispace Wellbeing to review I was hopeful that it would provide me with a great tool to help my son with his worries and problems.
I had a little read of the book alone before introducing it to my son and I must say I shed a little tear as this book was just what we needed to help him to understand some of his frustrations and feelings – I never knew such a thing existed. The book is a about children (Astrokids) who live on the Planet Wellbeing who throughout the pages explain what a stressor is, the various ways it can make you feel and various tips to help you overcome your stressor (talking with friends or family, taking deep breaths etc at the back of the book there are some questions to work through recapping on the story which helps to further educate the child, it then sets them some activities to complete which are great tools for when they are feeling sad, angry or worried and also has some fun colouring pages at the back too. The next day after school I sat and showed the book to my eldest and we read through it together and it was amazing we had such a great conversation about what kind of things cause us ‘stressors’ and I was able to explain to him how sometimes I use the tips in this book to help me out when having one of those days at work, it has definitely had a positive affect on my son and our family and will definitely be a book we go to read to keep the tips and tricks fresh in our mind! This book couldn’t have been more perfectly written for our family and I can only thank Paula Talman for doing such a wonderful job. After reading the book I checked out the ispace wellbeing website which had some more usual tips and resources which I have been able to download to help us continue to develop and learn about my sons mental health/wellbeing.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

This product can be purchased from ispace wellbeing here.

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