Johnson’s Baby Hair Care Range Review


Reviewed by Amanda Gazzard

I am reviewing today 3 different ranges from the Johnson baby hair care range. I have tried and tested a Shampoo, conditioner and conditioner spray from the No more Tangles, Strength Drops and Shiny Drops ranges.
I have evaluated the ranges on how well they perform as a collective and do they perform as instructed on the bottles.
This is an honest review and I hope it answers those questions you may have about which is the best product to buy for your children’s delicate scalps.

All of Johnson’s products are Hypoallergenic** and pH balanced, Paediatrician and dermatologist-tested, Free from dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulphates, and soap and incorporate there NO MORE TEARS® formula which is as gentle to the eyes as pure water.

JOHNSON’S No More Tangles

My daughter tested the no more tangles range as she has shoulder length naturally curly hair so more often than not when it comes to using a conditioner, I must apply so much just to ensure that no knots are left behind.
After using all three products after a week I was pleasantly surprised that even after her hair was dry it was not as tangled as with previous products.
Applying the shampoo, I found I did not need to use as much as I normally would as it foamed up well and rinsing the shampoo out was very easy. It has a wonderfully delicate fragrance. It did not irritate or dry the scalp out and the no tears formula is a big win as no stinging eyes to contend with.
The No More Tangles Conditioner is light and creamy and has the same delicate fragrance as the shampoo. I must admit I have been trying to think of what the smell reminds me of and I know this is going to sound strange but every time I sniffed my daughters hair days later it reminded me of holidays by the beach. Again, I didn’t need to apply loads of product and I felt it left the hair smooth and silky, which for naturally curly hair was brilliant as I often found hair products would leave naturally curly hair frizzy.

Now for the secret weapon the No More Tangles conditioning spray. I have never used a product like this before so I was slightly dubious that this would work. The beauty of this product is you can use as part of your regime after shampoo and conditioning as this is what Johnson’s advise obtains the better results. I do have to agree but now for the WOW factor you can use the conditioner spray on dry hair which when your running late in the mornings and trying to summon up the strength to undertake a battle of wills whilst trying to comb bed hair is no mean feat but a few sprays onto dry hair and the formula works it magic and suddenly there are no tantrums and pleading my daughter to sit still.

Overall, this product range is great for those that have hair curly hair, long or short. The formula makes combing through the hair seamless as though its straight. I just wished I had found this range sooner, no more knots or tugging at the hair.

Each range is recognisable by the colour of its packaging and this range has a Lion on the label. The No More Tangles range comes in a pale green coloured bottles so is easy recognisable on the shelves.

JOHNSON’S Strength Drops

I decided to use the strength drops range with my son. He was blessed with tight curls when he was born and as he has gotten older, I have noticed his hair is coarse and at times quite brittle.
The Strength Drops range is enriched with Vitamin E so it boosts your hairs natural strength as well as incorporating a nourishing feel for your hair.
Again, I used all three products in order. First was the shampoo. As my son has short hair, I did not need to use a great deal and it foamed up very well. It did not dry my sons scalp like other shampoos had previously. I found the conditioner went along way as not a huge amount was required for coverage. It left my sons hair feeling super soft to touch after a few times using and the coarseness of the hair was gone. It reminded me again of when he was first born and I found myself wanting to play with his hair, something that he thoroughly enjoyed.
As I had gained so much success with the No More Tangles conditioning spray on my daughter, I was hopeful I would get similar results with the Strength Drops. Again, I initially used the conditioning spray as part of your regime after shampoo and conditioning as this is what Johnson’s advice obtains the better results and maybe if I was using on shoulder/long hair I would probably agree but as my son has short hair I did not feel the need to use after conditioning. Instead I found the greatest benefit was on dry hair in between washes as it left my sons hair soft and easier to comb through. I also found it did not leave him with a huge amount of frizz and after a week of using this is most definitely a range that I will continue to use.
The only negative observation I have, and it is personal choice is the fragrance, which is very mild, but it reminds me of fabric conditioner. Now I know a lot of people like this smell and I must agree it is personal choice, but this would not be a fair review if I was not being completely honest. Even though it’s not my favourite of smells from the baby care range it won’t be putting me off purchasing in the future as the results outweigh this small negative.

Each range is recognisable by the colour of its packaging and this range has a Rapunzel on the label. The Strength Drop range comes in a white a purple coloured bottle so is easy recognisable on the shelves.

JOHNSON’S Shiny Drops

The last of the baby care hair range I tested was the Shiny Drops range. Now yes the product does list itself as a child hair product but I do suffer with a dry and sensitive scalp and as I had previously had such success with the Strength Drops and No More Tangles on my 2 children I decided to test the Shiny Drops on myself as I had read that adults can use it.
The Shiny Drops range is enriched with a drop of argan oil and touch of silk protein which claims to leave your hair silky smooth, soft and healthy looking. As with the other 2 ranges I used all three products in order. With the shampoo I did find I needed to use a little more than what I used for my daughter but I expected that as our hair types are different and I use hair styling products so this could of also contributed. I was instantly hit with the fragrance. It was mild but was my favourite out of all three I have reviewed. So much so I keep finding that I sniff my hair quite frequently by all accounts once its freshly washed, something which my family find very funny. Anyway, back to reviewing: the shampoo created enough foam and I found my hair felt clean after. The conditioner was silky and smooth, and I did not feel the need to apply lots of the product as it covered my hair well. I comb my hair when I have conditioner on as part of my normal routine, so this was no different but what I did find was the ease of how the comb went through my hair. Again, it rinsed out very well and the fragrance was not overpowering but extremely pleasant both on wet and dry hair. I did not find that my scalp was dry after and my hair felt very clean and previous hair styling products had been removed.

I found great benefit in using the conditioning spray after shampoo and conditioning as per Johnson’s recommended advice to obtain better results but I also found it was brilliant on using in between washes and in fact I thought my curls were more defined and less frizzy after using something which I have always struggled with having naturally curly hair.

Overall, after reviewing this product I can confidently say that it worked for me as an adult. It did not leave my hair limp or dull but instead I noticed it to be healthy looking. As it is curly it can be hard to tell sometimes if its shiny, so I straightened my hair and I was amazed at just how shiny it was.
Again, as with the other two ranges, this range is recognisable by the colour of its packaging and this range has a Princess on the label. The Shiny Drop range comes in a white a pink coloured bottle so is also easy recognisable on the shelves.

After reviewing No More Tangles, Strength Drops and Shiny Drops I can’t recommend them all enough. Johnson’s have definitely thought this through and have come up with products that should suit most hair types from the littlest person all the way up to an adult. They each have their own unique mild fragrances and my personal favourite has to be Shiny Drops. The designs were simple but very effective and there would be no mistaking what range you had picked up as they all coloured match.
The no tears formula is definitely a game changer and there is no need to have a flannel over my children’s eyes anymore and no more risks of accidentally getting soap in there little eyes.

They each retail for approximately £3 a bottle but this can vary from which outlet you purchase.  I have now found our new hair care range as family and I could not be any more impressed by the results.  I would recommend the Johnson baby hair care range 5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: varies depending on the product

This product can be purchased from Johnson’s website here.

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