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Ravensburger 3D Labyrinth Game Review


Reviewed by Hannah Chan

At first the children thought this game would accompany the movie, they were wrong but it is a moving maze game and the concept intrigued the children enough to agree to a game (cue excited me as I enjoyed the original long ago). To get them off their electronic games, the board game needs to look and sound interesting enough, luckily this fit the bill perfectly. The fact that it was 3D added to the interest.
The game board itself is sturdy and well made, it’ll withstand many attempts at putting together and taking apart by the children which is great because I know it will last well and I won’t have to replace parts. It is easy to assemble, with clear colour pictures to help.
Compared to the original game, which I remember from growing up, it looks a lot more exciting and appealing. The cards are colourful and have a mythical theme to them. The 3D towers add a lot to game play as they add extra rules to make the game more interesting, and a bit harder to reach your goal. If it were too easy we’d lose interest but the rule of only moving up or down one step kept us going, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. There is no die to lose and the smallest pieces are the four, plastic playing pieces which you move around the board. The game cards are split evenly between the players so that if there are two players, they have twelve cards each and four players, six cards each. The number of cards they have, is the number of items they need to find on the board and the winner is the player who finds them all first and completes the rune quest. If you want a shorter game then I advise you use less cards as the game can run on a long time. Personally I love games that take a bit of time to play as you can really get into them, but sometimes the children want to play something to fill half an hour, so with less cards this is a fab alternative to passing them their tablets. There are also spell cards to help you with your quest. Although it is a lot less portable, but it actually all fits into a lunch box if you are going somewhere for the weekend and want to leave the actual box at home. I think the average game play time for us was around 50 minutes to an hour, just the right amount of time.
The game is played by you taking it in turns to push the tower pieces on and off the board, it is a really easy concept even though it looks complicated. The age rating says seven but my five year old had no problems in picking the game up quickly. The rules and cards are very easy to follow once you have played the game once, which is fantastic because it means I can leave the children alone to play it at the table whilst I get on with a few other things and know that I’m not going to be shouted back constantly to explain cards or rules.

If you love board games then this is a fantastic gem.
You do need a little patience as the constant moving of the maze can be frustrating but also a good laugh.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99

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