Prehistoric World of Dinosaurs at Stockwood Park

Come face to face with the Prehistoric World of Dinosaurs at Stockwood Park, Luton

Visit one of the most exciting exhibitions ever to be held at Stockwood Discovery Centre, Luton. Travel back 150 million years and come face to face with baby and juvenile dinosaurs in 'DinoMites, The A – Z of Dinosaurs'. Prepare for this fascinating and fun filled exhibition, running from 31 March to the 4 November 2012

DinoMites’ 15 species include favourite dinosaurs such as T Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurs, and some lesser known ones too. Visitors can find out what they looked like, what they ate and how they evolved. Explore the prehistoric world with life sized models, fossils and hands on activities.

Karen Perkins the Museums Director said:

"This exhibition is an exciting opportunity for all our visitors to learn about the wonderful world of Dinosaurs and to introduce more people to our fantastic site here at Stockwood Discovery Centre. People of all ages and backgrounds can be inspired and learn more about history, archaeology and the natural world, all at a place with great gardens and a great cup of coffee. I hope you all enjoy coming to visit as much as we love bringing exciting programmes to you"

The incredible, not to be missed exhibition for the summer, opens its doors on 31 March; bring the family along and come face to face with the past. For admission prices and more information go to

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