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Big Nature Day, 27 May 2012
Natural History Museum

A family day out that offers grassroots fun & learning

On Sunday 27th May the Natural History Museum will be holding its annual Big Nature Day event on the grounds of the Museum in South Kensington.  The free event, the largest of its kind in the UK, will host over fifty nature groups and give visitors the chance to enjoy a hands-on, interactive and fun-filled day exploring the outdoors and nature as well as learning about the importance of nature and the environment.

The day aims to create a new generation of naturalist as well as nurture existing nature lovers with activities that include:

* Making Bird and Bug boxes

* Worm charming

* examining bat sonograms

* Learning how to attract stag beetles to their garden

* Discovering there’s more to nettles than their sting

The museum’s wildlife garden, home to foxes, a bee colony and a variety of bugs and insects will be the focal point for exploring and discovering wildlife that exists in local green spaces and urban areas. There’ll be experts’ on-hand to help visitors find out about UK’s wildlife ferns, frogs, spiders, stinkhorns and much more.

The day will also be a celebration of the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) programme, a five year national study conducted by national scientists and the public into biodiversity, air, water, soil and climate quality of the England and Wales. 

Visitors will be able to examine specimens, take part in experiments and talk with the society members. They’ll also be special Nature Live events in the Darwin Centre’s interactive Attenborough Studio. Big Nature Day also marks the UN International Day of Biodiversity and nature groups and societies attending the day include the Mammal Society, RSPB, Woodland Trust, British Dragonfly Society and British Trust for Ornithology. Visitors will be treated to a carnival style parade through the Museum and Darwin courtyard.

OPAL Director, Dr. Linda Davies from Imperial College London, said, “We are delighted to be holding Big Nature Day at The Natural History Museum. This day represents our belief that everyone can take part in exploring and discovering the natural world around them. We want to inspire a new generation of nature lovers and increase environmental awareness, Big Nature Day is one of our many ways of working towards this goal.”

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All images copyright OPAL (Open Air Laboratories)

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