Poppy the Pirate Dog and the Treasure Keeper Review

Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

This series of books are for young early readers and are fabulous for engaging children and encouraging them to read on their own for fun and to enjoy books!

The series includes some wonderful titles – “Chocolate Porridge”, “Monday’s at Monster School” and “The Pirates’ Picnic” for the younger readers and then there are even some Horrid Henry books and space adventures for the older reader.

This particular book tells the tale of Poppy the dog. She is Tim’s beloved pet and in this book takes on the role of Poppy the Pirate Dog and her task is to look after the treasure – mum’s birthday present! Despite the long-winded title, it is an endearing tale of pirates and the high seas imaginary play – the children are putting on a pirate show for their mum’s birthday, the front of the boat is actually dad’s step ladders and the sail is a sheet.

There is an accident and poor Poppy hurts her eye – but not to worry, all the best treasure keepers have eye patches! – but poor Poppy has to wear a huge funnel-shaped collar instead.

But when mum’s birthday present and the Missy the tortoise from next door go missing, Poppy the Treasure Keeper jumps into action and manages to find them both, but (like Lassie before her!) no-one will listen as they are all too busy and think Poppy just wants to play.

When Poppy finds both Missy and the birthday present – she is indeed the best Treasure Keeper ever and the show can go on!

My boys loved how the tale unfolded – we talked a lot about the pictures to explain the story further and imagine ourselves what was happening.

In terms of reading skills, my 5½ year (year 1) old struggled, but my almost 7 year old (year 2) was able to read it fairly fluently. It was lovely to read it together as a family.

The front cover and artwork are very colourful and inviting. It makes it clear that this book is for early readers.

Although, it could be a bit more clear what each of blue and red early reader categories mean. At the moment, it says a blue early reader is perfect for sharing and reading together and red early reader is the next step on your reading journey – so it leaves it very flexible, but also leaving it to the adult to work out which category would be most appropriate for them and their children.

Brilliant! Is the one word my boys used to describe this book. Well-written and good value. I will definitely be buying other books from this series for my 6/7 year old boys.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £4.99 (Paperback)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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