Poppin Hoppies Review

Poppin Hoppies

Reviewed by David Savage

Poppin Hoppies board game is a fast action kid’s game where the winner is the first one to catch 6 Poppin Hoppies and assemble their man. Suitable for 2 – 4 players from age 5 upwards.

Box contents:
1 Game Board
7 Poppin Hoppies
4 Plastic Men Sets (6 pieces per man)
1 Rules Sheet



Game Setup
Game setup is simple. Place the board on the centre on the table with no obstacles. Place the 7 Poppin Hoppies on the matching coloured circles in the centre on the game board. Place the parts for the man on the table. You are now ready to play.

Game Play
Each player has to set the nearest 2 Poppin Hoppies by pushing down on them with the palm of their hand until they set, keep your hands on them until the youngest player says GO. Then quickly remove your hands and place them in front of you on the table. Now you have to wait. Once the Hoppies start to pop you have to grab them before they fall and place them in front of you, if missed and falls then the nearest player to it has to reset the piece on the board. This continues until all six Hoppies have been caught. Whatever coloured Hoppies you have caught can be exchanged for the same colour piece of the man to assemble and then game play starts again. When assembling your man you must use all 4 colours and no 2 matching colours can be touching each other and only a maximum of 2 matching colours can be used.

If a player catches 2 of the same colour Hoppies in one round that player can take a body piece of the same colour from an opponent’s man or 2 of that colour from the table.

The first player to assemble their man correctly (all 4 colours used and no 2 of the same colours touching) is the winner.

My two nieces (11 and 13) played this game and said they loved it. They said it was great as there were no questions to answer and no dice to roll. You do need good hand/eye coordination to play. The girls had a great time with lots of laughter and have played several times since and had a couple of friends around to play. A great game for kid’s, very easy to setup and play. Should keep them entertained during the days when they can’t go outside.

Highly recommend.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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