Moshi Monsters Review

Moshi Monsters

Reviewed by Brian Grehan

For those that don't know Moshi Monsters is the latest craze to hit school playgrounds. Children up and down the country save up their pocket money and splash out on anything and everything that is Moshi Monsters associated!

The latest additions to this Moshi Monster craze are Moshi Monsters Keychain, Moshi Monsters Zippsters and Moshi Monsters Charmlings and Bands.

The little reviewer in our house shrieked with glee when they arrived in the post as this house has not escaped the Moshi Monsters craze. It’s difficult to say which had the biggest impact with our reviewer as she treated each with the same excitement.

First to get used was the Keychain (£3.99 RRP) not because it was her favourite but purely because it came in the biggest packet! It’s a solid keychain that’s easy for little hands to use. The Keychain has no intricate workings and is easy for kids to use.

Next to be opened were the Zippsters (£1.49 RRP). She opened these as she already has some of these and wanted to add them to her collection. She is saving her pennies to get more of these to increase her collection. She is determined to get every available Zippster as soon as possible!

Finally she opened the Charmlings and Band (£2.99 RRP) the bands went on her wrist and the Charmlings were quickly added to the Zippsters as they are a similar size.

These Moshi Monsters toys are a big hit with our reviewer and as they are all at pocket money size prices they all get a 5/5!

Rating: 5/5

These and more Moshi Monsters items are available to buy from the Moshi Monsters store here.

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