Planning Your Next Road Trip

The warm summer days are here and there is nothing better than taking a nice leisurely drive in your car. I am now in my 40’s, however, my days of a seeking spontaneous adventure are far from over. In my early 20’s I would get in the car with friends and drive to wherever we would end up. It was happy, quality time together and something 20+ years on we still fondly talk about. One possible road trip I have in mind is to drive up to Edinburgh for the weekend. For a trip of that many hours, I would want to ensure that I have a breakdown service in place and the right type of tyres for the journey.

TyrePlus is a great website to find the perfect tyre for type of journey you will be taking. If you do not enjoy driving in the colder weather, you can even buy winter tyres for use during the colder months.

If you are on a tight budget, consider these tips to make your next road trip a perfect one:

  1. Fill up your car with petrol or diesel in town. Motorway service areas can work out more expensive.
  2. Plug a travel fridge into the car dashboard or pop a cool box with frozen ice blocks in the boot. You can buy finger foods to eat during en route stops. Taking your own food and drink with you should save you money.
  3. If you are making the trip with children, take activities with you to keep them occupied. Consider travel bingo or letting them bring their iPad or Android tablet with them (make sure they have been fully charged before setting off).
  4. Take a satnav with you. This can cut down on the stress of driving to new locations.
  5. Bring pillows and a sleeping bag so that any passengers in the back seat of the car can be comfortable throughout the driving part of the trip.
  6. Bring your phone charger with you. There’s nothing worse than running out of phone charge part way through a long trip and not being able to use your phone when you need it.
  7. Make sure that you have adequate breakdown and recovery cover – you don’t want to break down on the motorway miles from home and become stuck.

I hope these tips help you when you are considering your next road trip. Feel free to tweet us on @whatsgoodtodo1 and tell us all about it. Happy motoring!

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