How to get Smart Casual right

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As a forty something, when I think of smart casual it’s something between leggings and a long top, and a tailored suit. Whether you have a first date, interview, business meeting or special night out planned, smart casual could be the style for you. In my earlier years, I must admit I had quite a few fashion fails in my younger years. Here are my top tips on things to consider:

1. Factor your underwear choice in – There is nothing worse than picking the perfect outfit for your interview, to ruin it with a bra which is too bright and shows through your top or going on that first date and feeling self-conscious because the texture of your underwear shows through your smart black trousers.

2. If you, like me, lead a hectic lifestyle, consider buying your clothing from an online store such as Chums. Their prices are really affordable, and you can read reviews online before committing to making a purchase. If that outfit that looked perfect on the photo doesn’t quite work for you, I love the peace of mind that comes with their easy and free returns service.

3. Talk to your friends – Your friends know what looks good on you. Don’t be afraid to ask their opinion – and tell them to be honest!

4. Own the outfit – Picking the perfect combination of garments can boost your self-confidence no end.

5. Coordinate your colours – there are certain colours which just do not look good together. For example, I do not do double denim or too many stripes. I also am not keen on wearing spotty garments with differently sized spots. That’s my personal preference though and someone else may love that look.

6. Work out what would look nice together. I love a smart flowing, patterned top with jeans or leggings. A plain top and a black jacket is another combo that I really like.

Try things out. Some combinations may not give you the right look. As well as underwear, footwear is an important consideration. Smart, knee-high boots look stunning with jeans and a flowing, patterned top. An off the shoulder top can look brilliant with a denim skirt.  A dress can look really effective with knee-high boots and a denim jacket.

I hope that these tips help you find the perfect smart casual outfit for that special occasion you have planned.

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