How To Get A Celebrity Look In Your Office

I work from home and my bedroom doubles up as an office. If I had a dedicated office, I would love to use celebrity style as inspiration for its look. Celebrity inspired style is not limited to just clothing and footwear. One of my favourite celebrities is Victoria Beckham, she is stunning, well styled and seems to balance her work and family commitments so well. She is someone who is an excellent role model and who I look up to. So with a new office in mind, I had a look at Furniture at Work for furniture ideas.

I am a bit of a daydreamer, so I have really enjoyed looking for the perfect furniture to create a Victoria Beckham inspired look. My priority in any home office is a desk with enough room for my laptop and to store pens and packing materials away neatly. This is my top pick desk wise is the Spector home office blue workstation.

You have to sit on a desk chair for hours, so as well as getting the right look, being comfortable is really important. My desk chair choice would therefore be the Warp black frame black back operator chair.

I also love the look of this poster stand.

I also love the look of this duo-notice drywipe board.

I would also find various pictures of the celebrity to put up on the walls of my home office, a modern looking desk lamp and a shaggy rug. That would finish of the room furniture and accessories perfectly.

I would want to paint my new office in a neutral colour and have horizontal panels of wallpaper which coordinates with my colour choices.

One thing that struck me was how affordable the prices on Furniture at Work are. They suit a wide range of budgets whilst not compromising on quality.

And to compliment my new office, I would love this leather jacket from Victoria Beckham’s fashion collection, but due to finances it will have to stay on my bucket list.

I hope my post shows you just how easily you could create your own celebrity inspired office look.  Feel free to tweet us on @whatsgoodtodo1 and let us know how you get on.

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