Pick ‘N’ Mix London – Sweet Bundle Review


Reviewed by Michelle Alexander

OH…. MY….. GOODNESS…. I feel like I am back in the 80’s standing at the sweet counter again looking at all these amazing sweets.

I remember those days well when my Mum used to give me 10p to get a bag of mixed sweets. The days when black jacks and fruit salads were 1/2p each and so were many other sweets. I remember getting quite a lot of sweets for just 10p.

Here I am again, with this massively big sweet bag full of goodies. They smelt divine and that was before opening the bag. 

So, delivery of these items was just fantastic. I always love a personal greeting note from whoever may send out a product for review and this was a lovely one. I especially loved the bit at the end… ‘stay sweet’ before signing off, really did put a smile on my face and made me feel like a little girl again.

So, to the packaging. Lovely, strong and sturdy bag which is also resealable, although, I’m waiting for a delivery on a large sweet jar to put them in, they look and smell too good to be hidden away in the bag.

The best bit, the contents….. Wow, just wow, I actually had such a variety if sweets with so many different ones to choose from, which I’ve listed below:-

1. Foam shrimps – 2 different sizes
2. Mushroom
3. Fried egg
4. Jelly stocking
5. Fizzy jelly peaches
6. Raspberry jelly
7. Strawberry twits
8. Mini foam banana
9. Fizzy strawberry pencils
10. Blackberry jelly
11. Vampire teeth
12. Gummy bears, 5 different colours and flavours
13. Jelly babies, 4 different colours and flavours

Pick ’n’ Mix London offer so much in addition to the above sweets that when I had a good look at their website, there was even sweets I had forgotten about. You really do need to take a look at their website to see what I mean.

They have an array of options you can choose from, such as:-

Create your own – pick n mix

There is a huge selection to choose from which you can add to your own bag

Create your own – Pick ’N’ Mix is £0.98 per 50g.

BUNDLES – These are to name but a few and have an array of sweets in each bag.
Christmas Stocking Filler
Liquorice Mix
Jelly Mix
Fizzy Mix

The bundles start at £8.99 for a 500g bag and then there are the following options to choose from, the larger the bag, the more you save:-

£15.99 for a 1 kg bag
£20.99 for a 1.5 kg bag
£24.99 for a 2 kg bag

What I also love about this company is that they offer a Vegetarian selection too. Whilst the selection is not as big as the non vegetarian one, you are able to purchase single sweets as well as those on offer that are in weight of 50g. For example:-

Sugar watch, now… who remembers them? These are just 35p each

Small pack of love hearts… which one did you give to your girlfriend or boyfriend? These are just 20p each

Fruit Salads, these are one of my favourite. These are just £0.98 for 10


RRP: from £8.99

This product can be purchased from Pick and Mix London here.

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